Who is the Game of War Goddess?

Ever since I started seeing the new commercials on T.V. for the  “Game of War: Fire Age”  video game release, my eyes have been glued to the screen. Who is this beautiful busty Goddess in the white low cut dress? This girl is so alluring and sexy and now I have discovered it is celebrity top model Kate Upton. Wow, she looks better than I have ever seen her. I love the way she struts through the battlefield in slow motion and her breasts bouncing just slightly. She is such a seductive Maiden and is definitely in command as she makes her way across the screen.  From what I have found through a little investigation is that she has been hired to be the new spokesperson for the Game of War franchise and they have paid a pretty high price to acquire Kate for their advertising plans. If you have not seen the new trailer yet, then have a look here below and enjoy the amazing cleavage of Kate Upton as she strolls across the game zone.

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