Who Is Antonella Kahllo and What Makes Her Happy – part 3

Antonella Kahllo

I have had such a wonderful time featuring Antonella Kahllo here at Big Boob World. This beautiful lady is very interesting and so much fun to interact with. Today I have the third and final part of our interview and we get to learn a little bit more about her personal life, activities and what makes her happy. Thanks to everyone for reading and posting your comments on twitter and be sure to spread the word about our new favorite big boob superstar Antonella Kahllo!

You seem to be such a loving and caring person Antonella, what kind of pet do you prefer, a dog or a cat and do you have any pets?
Antonella: I love ALL animals. If I see anything that depicts an animal in pain or suffering in any way, I just shut down. I can’t watch it. Some of you know that my man is a Savannah cat, Valentino. He’s my big lover. I‘ll probably get a dog too someday and another Savannah.

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6 Replies to “Who Is Antonella Kahllo and What Makes Her Happy – part 3”

  1. Antonella is a very remarkable woman. You really don’t have to be around her to feel the electricity, to feel the energy she generates!! She is very lively and quite funny!! I appreciate her for her honesty & humor that keeps me smiling always as a fan. Thank you for sharing with us the fans this wonderful interview!!

  2. Impressive!! But I’m always fascinated with what people do after their careers. Good looks don’t last forever and I doubt she’ll get into politics. But then again how awesome would it be to have a woman like this at the white house, haha!!

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