Twitter Spotlight Girl @TessaLynnParker

Following girls on Twitter brings me so much joy and entertainment but sometimes a special girl comes along to knock my socks off. I am so excited to feature the gorgeous Tessa Lynn Parker here on my blog. This young girl is not a pornstar and doesn’t seem to have a big name in the modeling business(yet) and just likes to share her pretty face and figure on twitter. Tessa Lynn mentions on her home page that she is an aspiring model but I believe with her natural beauty and perfect body, she will not have to try hard at making modeling a success. Please enjoy this random picture gallery I saved from her timeline and be sure to follow Tessa Lynn Parker on twitter and see what new sexy photographs she will post in the future, you will not be disappointed! I myself am crazy about this gorgeous girl.

Tessa Lynn Parker

Tessa Lynn Parker loves to show off her gorgeous body!

2 Replies to “Twitter Spotlight Girl @TessaLynnParker”

  1. I went to high school with the REAL girl in those pics. Her name is not Tessa.

    Her former model name was Claire Roxx and all those pics are still findable on her old Twitter.

    Tessa is an imposter / fake that is reposting pics that are 5 years old. You should remove and expose her.

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