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Nina Grimes

I have really enjoyed browsing the MyFreeCams website where you can find a ton of beautiful sexy amateur girls showing off in their bedrooms. My new favorite girl is the gorgeous and very seductive Miss Nina Grimes. Her charisma and sex appeal are off the chart! Recently I started following Nina on Twitter and was excited to have the chance to find out more about her in this interview below. I found Nina to be just a regular working girl by day, who doesn’t mind being very hot & sexy in front of the camera by night. And what a treat it is to see her pretty face and gorgeous big breasts!!

 So I see you are a nurse, is that your full time occupation??
Nina: Yup! I work in a nursing home 🙂

Did you go to college for a nursing career? Was there any other occupation you considered?
Nina:  No. I took a 2 week class and I was certified. I want to eventually go to school interior design.

Does anyone at your work know what you do online??
Nina: My best friend works with me knows that I do this.Nina Grimes

You have a selfie pic in your Twitter timeline wearing a Nurse uniform, is that your actual working uniform? (LOL just kidding), did you wear it in public at all??
Nina: If I wear my scrubs in public it’s to run into the store before/after work.

What influenced you to become a cam girl? Had you ever appeared nude or topless in public before?
Nina: I was doing a photoshoot with a guy that told me about it and he showed me the ropes and I have been jamming every sense. I do not do nude/topless public appearances.

How would you describe yourself when not on cam, a little wild or a bit mild and conservative?
Nina: I am a very quite conservative, to myself kind of person.

Have you ever connected with any other MFC girls? Any girls you would like to meet?
Nina: Yes. I have done a show with a model jazminjade a couple times, but I would LOVE to cam with kendra_dawn and kickazz.

Has any adult magazine or website ever offered you a chance to be a model and do a photo shoot, or have you ever considered being a nude model?
Nina: I have done some nude modeling, but nothing for a magazine or website.

Nina Grimes

So you must be pretty darn busy being a working single Mom and spending time on cam. How often do like to do cam shows?
Nina: I do shows Monday nights-Friday mornings. I also cam during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I have just recently discovered MFC and after seeing you I was really attracted to your natural ability to be very sexy. What gets you excited or turned on?
Nina: When a guys knows what he wants and works for it. I want to hear what a man will do to me, if he could get a hold of me.

I see a tattoo on your upper breast, but I can’t quite see what it is in your photos, can you tell me what it means to you?
Nina: “beautiful disaster” means that I am beautiful but I have been through a lot so a lot of people have called me a disaster.

 I love the way you tease and reveal your beautiful boobs on cam, do you mind exposing your bare breasts sometimes in public?
Nina: No. I show cleavage but I don’t show my breast to people in public.

Nina Grimes     Nina Grimes   Nina Grimes

What makes you the most happy? A certain hobby or traveling??
Nina: My children are my life, but other then that, I am just a normal girl that loves to shop, and get my hair and nails done. I de-stress by cleaning and scrap booking also.

Is there any place in the world you would like to visit if given the opportunity?
Nina: Paris! Always been a dream.

What do you prefer beer or wine?
Nina: Neither. I am a vodka type!

Do you have any favorite sports teams?
Nina: Lakers, and Seahawks. I want to be a titans fan but I am not going to embarrass

Are you a big city girl or more of a small town girl?
Nina: BIG CITY type! I love the business of the city. There is always something to do or see. Unless I am with someone special then throw me in a cabin in the middle of no where, and I will be just as happy.

Thank you Nina for taking time to answer some questions so we can know more about you, you are such a beautiful girl and it is so exciting to see you on MFC where you can show off your gorgeous body and beautiful breasts!!!

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Nina GrimesNina Grimes Nina Grimes

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