The Complete Interview with Antonella Kahllo

Antonella Kahllo

I am very pleased, grateful and extremely honored to have the pleasure of visiting with Antonella Kahllo this past week. She is a warm and friendly lady with a big heart, oh and amazing big boobs!! This sweet lady is a pleasure to follow on twitter and she truly enjoys tweeting pics, visiting and showing off her beautiful big boobs during her daily activities. Antonella has just started her new journey as a big boob glamour girl and I am already a huge fan of hers and hope you enjoy learning more about her in this intimate interview here below.

Hello Antonella, You are a stunning woman blessed with a wonderful personality and always seem to have such a positive attitude. Since I have started following you on twitter it is very apparent that you love your fans and enjoy interacting with them. I noticed your twitter profile says “South American Goddess”, so were you born there, and if so, how long did you live there?
Antonella: Yes, I was born and raised in Ecuador. I love my country so much, in fact I just got back from spending a few weeks there recently. It’s so beautiful, but the altitude can be really tough to get acclimated to…even when I go back it’s hard to breathe or walk too fast for the first few days. I have been in America for over a decade though, and as long as I’m near the ocean, I love it here too. I guess that’s why I’m a California girl!Antonella Kahllo

What kind of young girl were you growing up, wild & flirty or quiet and shy?
Antonella: I was a really late bloomer in every way. I still played with Barbie dolls in high school, lol. But I sort of had 2 personalities: one was painfully shy, especially with strangers, and the other one was kind of a rebel tomboy. My mom put me in the upstairs bedroom so I wouldn’t climb out to go play with my friends. But I was very naive with boys until my early 20’s.

When the time came for your breasts to start blossoming, did you enjoy the new feeling of having bigger breasts? Did you enjoy seeing guys and girls notice?
Antonella: Like I said, my tetas didn’t start growing until late. In high school I was barely a C-cup believe it or not. In fact I was only a DD for a long time, and then all of a sudden about 6 years ago my boobs went through another huge growth spurt. It almost seemed like every week I was getting bigger. I actually started washing my bras carefully in cold water because I thought I was shrinking them hahahaha (true story). I had gained a little weight, but just about EVERYTHING was going straight to my girls. People had always stared at me, but then it just got out of hand, and surprisingly, it was women (and still is) that stare the most. I think I have learned to ignore the attention a lot, or my life would be such a hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my breasts and they do open doors for me, so at the end of the day I feel blessed.

Recently on twitter you have posted some awesome Vine clips exposing your gorgeous big boobs, do you have any idea how exciting that is for us boob lovers and will continue to post more boob clips? (I assume you enjoy having us admire your talents!)
Antonella: Yes I just discovered Vine not too long ago and I think it’s a very powerful medium. I’m still getting used to it, but I have so much fun making them. It also gives all my fans the chance to hear my voice, which they seem to like. But I LOVE to get fan feedback. Honestly, I don’t really know “how exciting that is for us boob lovers…” but feel free to tell me any time you like. And YES I will keep them coming. I pride myself on being ALL ABOUT MY FANS!!!!! Without you, I don’t exist.

Antonella Kahllo Antonella Kahllo

Seeing these videos makes me wonder, when you are alone, do you have fun playing with your bare breasts? Does it make you get excited? (it sure gets me excited!!)
Antonella: Yes, very much! Like I said, I love my breasts, and when I’m in the mood my girls and I get busy, lol. Also, my nipples are super sensitive, so even just a tug or a lick can send shockwaves through my little body. I could tell you more, but I don’t know you well enough yet Mr. Big Boob 😉

Do you get a lot of pleasure out of some other lucky person playing with your breasts? (because I could help you out anytime you need some loving caressing or massaging)
Antonella: Si!

Have you ever needed to work a full time job and if so what did you do before you became a model?
Antonella: Oh yes, I have worked full time my whole life until recently. I am actually a great employee and always take my responsibilities very seriously. I was raised to give 100% to everything I commit to…nothing less. I was never the kind of person who jumped around from job to job, but one day I will write about some of those experiences on my upcoming website. I am SURE my fans will go crazy when they hear some of my workplace adventures….stay tuned.Antonella Kahllo

When you go out in public, do you like to dress in clothes that hide your breasts or wear something that will show some cleavage?
Antonella: If you can show me any clothing other than a poncho that can hide these breasts, please let me know hahahahaha!!! I think it’s usually a matter of degree of exposed cleavage, lol. When my girls grew out of control, I was pretty self-conscious for a while, but I just wear what I want now and don’t stress about it. Sometimes it’s a hot outfit that can bring a busy place to a standstill, and other times I make sure I bring some camouflage if I don’t want to be bothered.

When your Pinup Files photo shoot hit the internet you became an overnight big boob girl sensation, have you ever done anything like this before?
Antonella: Absolutely not. Although I thought about it for several years, and I was contacted by every well-known big boobie company, the first time I was published on the web was with PinupFiles on November 15, 2013. So I guess I am what you guys would call “fresh meat” hahahahaha. I have only been around for 14 weeks and to be honest, I am blown away with the response. I never thought I would have so many AMAZING FANS this fast. It has been a wonderful experience so far with only a minimum amount of disrespectful creepos. I am sooooooo grateful! I wish I could hug each and every one of my fans!

Thank you for the awesome in depth view into your personal life Antonella, and for all her fans out there, be sure to come back for the rest of Her interview coming in the near future. Visit Antonella Kahllo on her twitter page so you can find out what new and exciting things she has in store. I think she is going to be an huge star in the Big Boob World!

Antonella Kahllo

Antonella Kahllo
Antonella Kahllo is really turning up the heat on twitter these days as she builds a huge number of followers excited to chat with her. She is such a sweetheart too, every day Antonella posts pics of her gorgeous big boobs and I would love to get a chance to hold them in my hands. When I asked Antonella if she would like to wear one of my Official Member of Big Boob World t-shirts, she said yes and then took some wet t-shirt selfie pics! What an awesome treat! So here we have part two of my interview with Antonella Kahllo and in this section we learn some of her thoughts and feelings about becoming a topless Glamour model and her first shoot for Pinup Files.

What made you decide posing nude was something you would like to do?
Antonella: Well first we need to clarify: I do not pose nude. I’m sure I will be nude in upcoming photo shoots, but there will never be full frontal nudity or ANYTHING that could be considered porn. My pictures and video will be very high-end, very classy, and celebrate the beauty of womanhood. But don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against porn, and the women who make that choice have my full support. It’s just not my path. Ultimately, it took me several years and a lot of soul searching before I was ready to commit fully to building a career in this industry. But I will always have full control of my content and only make creative choices that support my vision.

Antonella Kahllo aeBeing a photographer of naked woman is a fantasy of mine, do you have fun removing your clothes for the cameraman, or is it more work than fun? (Be sure to give details for me to dream about LOL)
Antonella: Well, like I said, I haven’t done this very long, so I might not be the right woman to ask, but in my experience, it’s a little of both. The photographers I’ve worked with were extremely professional and totally focused on getting the best out of me. As a model, you have to trust the photographer completely to be able to let go. When I’m being shot, I imagine the lens is an adoring fan that I want to seduce, or a guy I’m hot for, and I try to send my sensual energy though the lens to make that connection. But also, after a long day of posing, my body is sore and tweaked. I always set-up a spa day after to work out the knots and rejuvenate.

Were the Pinup Files photo shoots a great experience and did you get to meet any other girls while working?
Antonella: The main man at PinupFiles is such an amazing guy. Whatever you think a guy surrounded by huge beautiful tits everyday would be like, forget it. He is a total professional, a total gentleman, kind, caring and brilliant. He doesn’t have a sleazy bone in his body. But I also know that he is the exception. This business eats girls alive if they’re not careful. I don’t want to give anything away about the behind the scenes stuff, but Leanne Crow was on my shoot and I just fell in love with her. She’s a total sweetheart, no BS, she cracked me up constantly, she was super supportive, and she’s even more beautiful in person…if that’s possible?!?!

If you had a chance to pose and shoot with any other girls, is there someone that you would like to work with?
Antonella: Well, Leanne for sure! I also think September is gorgeous and sexy. Maybe the 3 of us can do a shoot together someday? 😉 Wendy Fiore is stunning (and intelligent) so I would love to shoot with her maybe. And I’ve seen a couple of other all-natural girls on the web that I think are hot who I would love to shoot with, but I don’t know their names yet.

Antonella KahlloWell I could talk all day long about your amazing beautiful big boobs, but I want to learn more about you, first thought, are you married or have a boyfriend?
Antonella: Not now, and honestly I am so dedicated to building my career, I just wouldn’t have the time to really invest in a relationship. Plus, it’s a little hard to know if a guy is just trying to get laid or being sincere…and I anticipate that’s only going to get more difficult as my reputation grows. But I am not opposed to it, so we’ll just have to see what the cosmos have in store for me.

Do you currently have another job, or are you a full time model now?
Antonella: Full time as of November. It’s a little scary though, I’m not used to not having a steady paycheck. But chasing your dreams is not for the weak willed.

What kind of man or woman gets you excited and weak in the knees?
Antonella: I’m not sure I have a specific type, but 2 things that attract me the most are intelligence and a sense of humor. Without those, forget it. Aside from that, I can say that past boyfriends were mostly tall, very kind, passionate about something in addition to me, a total gentleman, but they have to be able to handle me too, and maybe that’s not easy sometimes hahahahaha. I’d love to find someone that makes my knees buckle. I love when my knees buckle 😉 And when it comes to girls, I’ll have to keep those details to myself for now, but I can absolutely appreciate a beautiful sexy woman.

My favorite hobby, as everyone knows, is looking at beautiful girls like you, do you have any hobbies or fun activities you care to tell us about?
Antonella: I love anything with the ocean. I’m a total water-girl. And no-one can float like Antonella! So if we ever get in trouble out at sea together, just cling to me and I’ll get us to shore, lol.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening too?
Antonella: My musical tastes are pretty eclectic. I do love Latin beats, and other cultural rhythms like middle-eastern vibes and maybe Asian influences for my meditation (I do it naked hehe). But I love a lot of the contemporary stuff that everyone else likes too. One thing is for sure though: music is a huge part of my life. Plus, my fans are all over the world and I can’t tell you how much I love learning about different cultures through exposure to their musical tastes.

Antonella Kahllo Antonella Kahllo

Is there anything dangerous or adventurous you wish you try if given the chance?
Antonella: Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m an adrenalin freak sometimes! My Twitter followers have seen a picture I posted going Skydiving. If I was raised in Acapulco, I would probably have been a cliff diver hahahaha. I just got back from Ecuador where my family has a gorgeous place in the jungle. Imagine zip-lining on a rusty line through the canopy. Now THAT”S adventurous! I will chronicle some of my craziness on my website blog. The Adventures of Antonella could probably be released as a series of novels. Maybe I’ll do that some day.

Thank you Antonella for giving a little glimpse into your new and exciting life and career, I look forward to reading more about you in the near future in our upcoming third and last part of the interview. In the meantime, all you big boob lovers need to find Antonella Kahllo on twitter and follow her and enjoy all the wonderful big tit fun!

Antonella Kahllo Antonella Kahllo Boobworld 02 Antonella Kahllo

Antonella Kahllo loves to expose her gorgeous bare breasts!

Antonella Kahllo

I have had such a wonderful time featuring Antonella Kahllo here at Big Boob World. This beautiful lady is very interesting and so much fun to interact with. Today I have the third and final part of our interview and we get to learn a little bit more about her personal life, activities and what makes her happy. Thanks to everyone for reading and posting your comments on twitter and be sure to spread the word about our new favorite big boob superstar Antonella Kahllo!

You seem to be such a loving and caring person Antonella, what kind of pet do you prefer, a dog or a cat and do you have any pets?
Antonella: I love ALL animals. If I see anything that depicts an animal in pain or suffering in any way, I just shut down. I can’t watch it. Some of you know that my man is a Savannah cat, Valentino. He’s my big lover. I‘ll probably get a dog too someday and another Savannah. If any of you don’t know about Savannah’s, you should check it out. They are a hybrid—the combination of an African Serval and a domesticated cat. But the thing that’s so cool about them is they act more like dogs. The breed isn’t aloof like a typical cat. I even take him out on a leash. Imagine the looks we BOTH get hahahahah!!!!! That’s as close as anyone gets to see my p____y. 😉

Antonella Kahllo

It would be awesome to spend an evening with you, do you like to cook and if so, what is your specialty?
Antonella: I am a great cook. I’m an Ecuadorian woman who loves her food and loves to please others with her food. I think I might have a lot in common with a Jewish mother hahahaha. A lot of people think, because I’m Latina, I like spicy foods. Our food isn’t like that. We use a lot of fresh veggies, plantains, arroz, lentils, chicken and beef…most of it is pretty healthy. Whoever marries me gets the whole package. I know how to take care of mi Papacito!

I have a small horse ranch here in Oregon, have you ever been horse riding before? Would yo want too? (would love to see that!)
Antonella: I LOVE horses. They are such majestic beasts. I have been riding many times and I love it. I will definitely do a classy shoot on a horse when I get the opportunity, although I’ll bet my fans would prefer the video…duhhh.

Is there any other activities you have done or times where you wished you didn’t have such large breasts?Antonella Kahllo
Antonella: Maybe for a minute, but I never let them get in the way. Plus, I found a sports bra last year that’s a frickin’ miracle. This mean-looking, black bra puts my tits in lockdown mode like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s enabled me to be just like the other girls in most activities. I would do a TV commercial for the company that designed this bra, I love it so much!

Have you ever been able to play any sports? Do you like watching any sports?
Antonella: As far as being a fan, it has to be Soccer! I am so excited about the upcoming World-Cup I can barely stand it. And Ecuador is in a great bracket so I hope they go all the way!!!! Viva Ecuador!

Do you prefer staying at home and relaxing on the weekend, or would you rather go out and find a place to party or go dancing?
Antonella: Over the last few years I’ve gotten to be more of a homebody, and then I got Valentino last year which made me even more of a homebody (he completes me, jk) But parties are a hassle mostly and I find that the place I like to be the most is with my fans, and that’s at home on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I know that sounds corny maybe, but it really is the truth. I ADORE my fans! The wonderful, kind, supportive relationships I’ve made are priceless to me. I know it’s a virtual world, but I am meeting real people who are being real with me (I hope). I know that the busier I get, the tougher it will be to stay up with everyone, but my guys know I will give it my best. Everything comes straight from my heart. I’m just not a good faker—in or out of bed hahaha 😉

Antonella KahlloWhat is your favorite drink?
Antonella: I go through phases I think. My main drink is a glass of Merlot. If you want to see me melt, pour me an award-winning glass of Merlot and I’m yours. I even have Merlot on my Amazon wishlist. Mmmmm….I’m going to pour one right now, delish.

If you could travel to a country you have not been to before, where would you like to visit?
Antonella: I have been to a lot of places, but Paris is my biggest priority right now! Travel is one of my biggest passions. In fact, when the time is right, I plan on doing tours to all the countries that would like to meet me up close and personal.

Well thank you so very much for letting me ask you all these questions, now the most important things we all want to know, What kind of plans do you have for the future as a model?
Antonella: Well, I’m glad you asked haha! This year will be crazy! By the middle of March or before, I will be pre-launching my home on the web. A small site will be up that will offer a preview of all the amazing things I have planned for my fans. My goal is to create a paradise for my fans to gather, get a front row seat for all my shoots, interact with me on cam, be able to purchase my collectibles and really cool merchandise, and even get to know each other. I am working with the-best-of-the-best web designers and photographers and videographers to create a level of art and professionalism that has never been seen before. It’s a ton of work, but I’m on a mission. Nothing is too good for my fans and I want to deliver BIG! <<<Update!!! >>> Antonella Kahllo’s new website is Live and ready to preview!!

Besides twitter, what is the best way to keep up with you and your adventures in the Big Boob World?
Antonella: For now, make sure you follow me on Twitter. All of my news and announcements will be made there. And PLEASE introduce yourself when you follow me. I do my best to get to know everyone who treats me like the South American Goddess that I am…chaka-chaka!!!

Just for the record I want to say how much I have enjoyed following you on twitter and how I love to fall asleep at night wishing I could lay my head on your big soft breasts. I also want to thank you very much for always be so sweet to me. XOXO

Be sure to Follow Antonella Kahllo on Twitter so you can get the news of her Website Pre-launch and other exciting adventures!

Antonella Kahllo Antonella Kahllo

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  1. An absolute stunner.. she’s truly a goddess.. but one request. . No sky diving .. she might damage the goods and we cant have that. Lol

  2. I love this woman because she makes me feel good to be with a body like that too. I just wish she would get her website going and hopefully do some stuff that has nothing to do with her breasts. I love hers. And I love mine too. But I wish she would display some of her other talents, if any. Make us curvy ladies proud, Antonella….show that we are more than just objects of men’s sexual desires.

    thank you!!

  3. I would love to make your knees buckle at my beach here! U may never leave! until then keep on bouncing those girls! Sam

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