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Tessa Fowler

The beautiful and sexy Tessa Fowler has burst onto the Pinup Files scene recently and quickly become a fan favorite. Who is this pretty young girl and where did she come from? I am extremely excited to have been able to visit with Tessa through twitter and she was very happy to take the time to answer a long list of questions I had for her. I really enjoyed learning more about Tessa and I am a bigger fan now, more than ever before. Tessa Fowler is a true Pinup girl with a playful nature that is simply irresistible.

I will never forget seeing your pretty face for first time on Cosmid.net, you were a huge sensation, but had you ever done any modeling before that?
Tessa: Actually, yes. At that point my only other modeling experience was actually Playboy. Oddly enough, Playboy was my first time ever doing a photo shoot. It’s pretty cool 🙂

Tessa Fowler

Who convinced you to become a topless/nude model or did you make the decision on your own?
Tessa: I used to work at Hooters, and while I was working one night a group of people came in. They were scouts for Playboy, and were looking for girls in the area to audition for the magazine. They asked me if I would be interested in trying out, and that’s not an opportunity you just say no to! So, I tried out and made it! The exposure from that got me other work, and the rest is history..

Have you ever been a girl who will flash her boobs to an unsuspecting observer?
Tessa: I love doing this! But, I mostly do it when I’m in the car. The reason I do it in the car is because I don’t want to stick around and see the reaction. I just want to get the tits out, and drive away from them as fast as possible! This way I get to show off my breasts, but I don’t have to deal with the consequences 🙂

You have the appearance of a sweet innocent “girl-next-door type”, is this correct or are you a wild & crazy girl?
Tessa: I’m pretty much exactly like I appear online. I like to have fun and get a little wild sometimes, but nothing excessive. I’m just an average girl who happens to have big boobs for a living haha.

So far in all the modeling you have done, what has been your favorite photo shoot?
Tessa: My favorite shoot so far has to be my Black Cat shoot! I love getting into a costume and turning into a different character. It’s challenging, but also a lot of fun. You can see the teaser video for that shoot here>>> Tessa Fowler as Black Cat Video

Where did you grow up and do you have a very big family?
Tessa: I grew up in South Carolina with my mom and two sisters. I have a fairly big extended family, but they all moved away when I was young. So basically it was just my mom, sisters, and myself. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to grow up.

Tessa FowlerIn high school, did you get good grades or were you too busy flirting with the guys?
Tessa: I made pretty good grades in high school, and unlike other students I actually loved going to school and learning. My problem though is that I like to socialize even more than I like learning. So I ended up dropping out during my senior year because none of my friends went to school anymore, and I would have rather hang out with them. Probably one of my biggest regrets.

Were you a cheerleader or active in any other school activities?
Tessa: I would have loved to be a cheerleader, but cheering is huge in my hometown and the girls on the squad had been doing it all their lives. Back then I was really afraid of embarrassment, so I never tried out in fear that I wouldn’t be as good as the other girls. Plus, my boobs were already pretty big at that point, and I know they would probably get in the way.

Would you consider yourself an old fashioned country girl or a big city girl?
Tessa: I think I’m a country girl with big city dreams. When I lived in South Carolina I always thought it was too slow for me, and that I would love to live in the city. When I finally moved to LA I realized that city life is something I’m definitely going to have to adapt to. I miss tailgating by a bonfire with a glass of sweet tea, something that I doubt will happen in Los Angeles.

I really enjoy seeing your beautiful breasts, but I also love your erotic sexy eyes, is there a boyfriend in your life who has the pleasure of gazing into those pretty eyes?
Tessa: First, thank you 🙂 Second, no. I don’t have a boyfriend. I am trying to get my career started, and it would be unfair of me to try to have a relationship with someone when I don’t have the time to invest in them. I also just moved to LA, and I haven’t met many people out here yet. When I get more settled in, and my life calms down a bit I may start dating again. So ladies, lock up your sons!!

Tessa Fowler 22

When you make plans on the weekend, do prefer to go out and get wild or just have a quiet relaxing evening at home?
Tessa: I’m lucky that my job allows for a lot of down time. So when I have an opportunity to go out I always take it! During the week I do a lot of relaxing, so I’m always looking for something to entertain me.

So how did you get the opportunity to work and shoot with Pinup Files?
Tessa: I am very fortunate to have been approached by PinupFiles to work with them. They sent me an email in the summer of 2013 to ask if I’d be interested, and I’ve never looked back! I work with amazing people, and I couldn’t have ask for more from a web management team.

I see you are very friendly with Leanne Crow now, did you meet her while shooting with Pinup Files or before?
Tessa: We met on my first shoot for PinupFiles. She was doing wardrobe on my set, and we instantly clicked. That same night we went out together and had an awesome time. She and I have so much in common, and really enjoy spending time together. Another reason I love PinupFiles so much is because they introduced me to one of my best friends.Tessa Fowler

I bet when you two girls are together you have a lot of fun, is she like a close friend now or a big sister?
Tessa: She and I are really close. She let me stay with her for a few months when I moved to LA, and we were inseparable. We even got matching tattoos. That girl is in my life forever 🙂

Looking through your Twitter timeline I saw a picture of you with Weird Al Yankovic, did you get to talk to him much? Did He know who you were?
Tessa: That was an amazing night! I went to a movie premiere and he was at the after party. I didn’t really speak to him much, because he was with his wife and I didn’t want to interrupt their evening. I embarrassingly asked him for a photo though, and he was so so nice about it. He just seemed like a generally happy guy.

Besides exposing you gorgeous boobs to the world, is there any crazy thing you have done that would surprise us?
Tessa: I had a weird obsession with piercing myself when I was growing up. I pierced my own belly button, tongue, lip, nose, and ears. It was a weird time for me haha. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s hard to remember my craziest moments because I was probably drunk through them 😛 When I drink I’ll do pretty much anything.

This might be a silly question, but I am curious, who is your favorite cartoon character?
Tessa: My favorite cartoon character is probably Jonny Bravo! He’s handsome, hilarious, and loves his Mamma. Although Mr. Clean is a close second. I love an older bald man who knows how to clean 🙂

Another silly question, If you were given a vacation choice of Las Vegas or Disneyland, which place would you choose?
Tessa: My sister lives in Las Vegas, and I get to visit her all the time. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Vegas, so I’m going to have to go with Disneyland. Who doesn’t love Disney?!

If money was no worry, what exotic location would you like to do a photo shoot?
Tessa: I would love to go to New Zealand and do a Lord of the Rings themed shoot in the actual sets and locations. That is my dream shoot. I’d probably retire after that, because there’s nothing left to look forward to haha.

Tessa Fowler 08 Tessa Fowler Tessa Fowler

Random Quickies ===

Favorite T.V. show >>Tessa: My favorite show of all time is definitely Breaking Bad. My favorite comedy series is probably Parks and Rec, and my guilty pleasure is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Don’t judge me.

Favorite Music Group >>Tessa: This changes constantly, and I can’t just pick one.. At the moment I’m really loving Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, and The Weekend.

Favorite Video Game >> Tessa: This is going to be tough. I’d probably have to say a three way tie between Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, and Far Cry 3.

Favorite Drink >> Tessa: My favorite non alcoholic drink is sweet tea, my favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, my favorite shot is a Washington Apple, and my favorite wine is a Cabernet.

Old Muscle Car or New luxury Car >>Tessa: Old muscle car! My dream car is a 57’ Thunderbird in Ice Blue. I’m getting excited just thinking about it 🙂

Star Wars or Star Trek >> Tessa: Can’t I have both!? If I had to choose though I would have to say Star Wars.Tessa Fowler

Beer or Wine >> Tessa: Beer! But I’m trying to switch to wine. I’m trying to avoid my inevitable beer belly.

Favorite Dinner Out >> Tessa: I love hibachi and sushi! I could eat it every night.

Favorite Ice Cream >> Tessa: Red Velvet Cake!! I’m drooling…

I noticed you have a website domain saved, this is exciting news! When do you hope to have the new site up and running?
Tessa: I’m 99% sure that my site launches July 24th. I don’t want to make any promises though, because I’m not completely sure. There’s still some back end stuff that needs to be worked on, but it’s definitely happening in the next few days!

Any Hint of your future plans, will you continue to model for Pinup Files?
Tessa: PinupFiles will be helping me run my site, so yes I will continue working with them. I will try to keep my content exclusive to my own site, but I will still get the occasional update on PinupFiles.

Tessa Fowler

Be sure to follow Tessa Fowler on Twitter and visit Tessa’s New Website

Tessa Fowler

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  1. All I could judge about this interview is Tessa’s honesty for not having a boyfriend due to her lack of time , and her regrets of not going any further than…Senior high.
    Anyways, I really like her personality.

  2. I have previously remarked on Tessa Fowler-but I want to say that it is her eyes that make her who she is. There is the old saying that the sexiest part of woman is her eyes-and in her case it’s true. And in addition, she gives off the vibe tht you could take her home tonight-and still take her home to mom and dad the next day. Go Tessa!

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