Tessa Fowler Interview – Who is this New Pinup Girl?

Tessa Fowler

The beautiful and sexy Tessa Fowler has burst onto the Pinup Files scene recently and quickly become a fan favorite. Who is this pretty young girl and where did she come from? I am extremely excited to have been able  to visit with Tessa through twitter and she was very happy to take the time to answer a long list of questions I had for her. I really enjoyed learning more about Tessa and I am a bigger fan now, more than ever before. Tessa Fowler is a true Pinup girl with a playful nature that is simply irresistible.

I will never forget seeing your pretty face for first time on Cosmid.net, you were a huge sensation, but had you ever done any modeling before that?
Tessa: Actually, yes. At that point my only other modeling experience was actually Playboy. Oddly enough, Playboy was my first time ever doing a photo shoot. It’s pretty cool 🙂

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