Epic Tweet from @vickyvette in a Wet T-shirt

WOW! Super sexy Vicky Vette posted an epic tweet recently of her fun day in the water wearing a super tight wet tank top. What a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day in Florida cooling off and giving all the locals a spectacular view. Vicky Vette really knows how to have a good time and you can join her and all her VNA Girlfriends as they put on live video shows all week long to their lucky fans and members.

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette loves to show off her beautiful tits! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Vicky Vette Having fun in a Wet T-shirt!! @vickyvette

Two beautiful busty girls on a hot day, what should they do? Well Vicky Vette has the best answer, start cooling off with plenty of water to get their t-shirts good and wet and then sensual rub down with ice cubes. They might be feeling cooler in the heat of the day, but the rest of us are getting all hotter as we enjoy the fun of seeing them play with their tits in a wet tank top. Vicky Vette has so many sexy girl friends and you don’t have far to go to see all the action when you visit her website >> VickyatHome.com <<

Vicky Vette loves to expose her pretty tits!!

Learn How to Play Guitar with Vicky Vette

Does anyone want to take guitar lessons from Rock Star Vicky Vette?? Where do I sign-up? No way I am going to miss out on that action! One thing you can be sure of, Vicky will definitely give a great show as she shows the most important aspect of guitar playing, how to hold the instrument to please the fans. Be sure to enjoy more spectacular shows from Vicky Vette every week as she invites you to join up and watch her get naked on her web cam show!! See what she is up to live on cam!

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette loves to show off her pretty tits!! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!