Twitter Spotlight Girl @SamanthaKelly69

There is not another hard body girl on twitter that is more beautiful and sexy than Samantha Kelly. This well built muscle babe is smoking hot and knows how to pose to show off her gorgeous legs and huge breasts. Samantha is always posting awesome pics of herself on twitter and every day I look forward to seeing her beautiful body. Best of all she has her own personal website jam packed with erotic videos and pictures where you will be entertained for hours seeing her wonderful exposed tits!

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly enjoys showing off her beautiful big boobs!

Samantha Kelly – Blue Jeans and Topless

Nothing makes me more excited than a beautiful babe with a sexy body in tight blue jeans and topless. Samantha Kelly has an amazing hard body but nothing is better than seeing her tremendous large breasts uncovered. I really love this photo shoot with her in the jeans and no shirt, her sweet nipples are so exciting to see!Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly loves to show off her beautiful big boobs!

Samantha Kelly Pours Baby Oil Over Her Naked Body

Boy oh Boy, sure would love to have the chance to try and grab Samantha Kelly after she pours baby oil all over her naked body! I bet she is very slippery but I still would love to give it a try. Samantha really has a beautiful muscular body and she has no problem showing it off.

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly loves to show off her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Join Samantha Kelly in the Gym

Samantha Kelly sexy posing in the gym and we get front row seats! She is so beautiful in her short little purple tank top, I love how her big tits stretch out the shirt and her nipples are so perky! Watching Samantha flexing her muscles and grab her large breasts in the gym sounds like a great time to me and I am so glad we get to experience the pleasure in this awesome video!

>> Samantha Kelly in a Purple Half Shirt Video! <<<

Samantha Kelly

Also, I am excited to add a couple pics in the gallery of Samantha modeling my Big Boob world t-shirt! She looks amazing and hope to see more soon! Be sure to visit her website and find much more sexy videos!!

Samantha Kelly is very happy to expose her beautiful big boobs!
More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Interview with Busty Fitness Model Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

For the last few weeks now I have been very fortunate to have a chance to become friends with the beautiful fitness model Samantha Kelly. This gorgeous big boob girl has worked extremely hard at having a muscular body while still being glamorous and I would say she has been very successful in her goals, just look at the results! Samantha is a very busy lady who loves to workout, work on her website and still find time to be an active Cam Girl most every night of the week. I am very excited to learn more about this beautiful lady in this interview below.

Hello Samantha, thank you for taking time to do an interview. My first thought is where were you born and raised?
Samantha: Portland, Oregon

You are such a beautiful girl with an amazing body, what sparked your interest in bodybuilding in the beginning?
Samantha: Thank you. I have always been an athlete but truth be told it was a boy I liked that I kept me going back to the gym. Lol He was into bodybuilding and so when I started dating him I trained with him and loved the results. I learned that I had the right genetics and so lifting weights agreed with my body.

Is there a man or woman bodybuilder who inspired you on your quest to becoming a sexy hard body girl?
Samantha: Yes definitely. In fitness magazines at the time I loved Amy Fadhli and Monica Brandt’s figures. They had muscle and yet maintained feminine curves.

Did you ever do any modeling before you started weight training?Samantha Kelly
Samantha: Yes, my family owned a clothing line when I was younger and I did a lot of shoots for our catalogs and brochures.

Is there anyone in the fitness world you would love to meet and talk to or workout with?
Samantha: I would have to say Monica Brandt. Though I have already met her I think it would be fun to work out with her. By fun I mean a real workout..intense.. she is a true athlete and is still trains hard after being in the industry for so many years. Totally my style.

I can’t remember ever seeing you pose with anyone else, have you done any photo shoots with another girl? Would you like too?
Samantha: I have posed with other models a couple of times although I do not have the photos on my website. I do plan on shooting with a girl again in the future…Just need to find the right one. Chemistry is very important. Lol

When you go out in public for normal activities, do you like to dress sexy or keep low profile with simple clothing?
Samantha: Both. Totally depends on where I am going and what I am doing. When your boobs are as big as mine you tend to stand out even if you’re wearing jeans and a tank top! Lol

One of my favorite questions to ask a pretty girl, do you like to tease or flash your tits when out in public places?(under the right circumstances of course)
Samantha: I cannot tell a lie.. Lol I have done that BUT for the person I am dating. ;) I get a little silly and flirty with my bf.

Samantha Kelly    Samantha Kelly   SamanthaKelly

Do you consider yourself a party animal or a stay at home type girl?
Samantha: More of a stay at home girl..however, I also love to go out and play. Sometimes my staying in turns into a private party as well..couple cocktails and naughty dancing makes for a great night in.

I assume you weren’t always a busty fitness model, what kind of work/job have you done in the past and do you currently have a day job?
Samantha: No, I was a fitness model with tiny titties and a bubble booty! Lol My first publishing was with my little boobies back in 2004. I also had my own personal training business for years before I moved to Los Angeles. I now run my own website, do all of my own editing of my photos and am photographer as well as a published fitness model. I always push myself to continue to learn and grow in life!

Samantha Boobworld shirt 01

 If you wish to see more of Samantha Kelly be sure to visit her Website>>
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For a sexy fun time, watch Samantha on her Cam Show

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Here are just a few  favorites I was curious about for Samantha to answer,

Favorite Party music = I am a huge music lover.. so whatever suits my mood!
Favorite Workout song = Same for working out.. just need a great beat! I do play a lot of Rhianna during my workouts ;)
Favorite Car = Dream car would be an Aston Martin
Favorite Sport = Not to watch but to play would be baseball
Favorite Celebrity = Angelina Jolie
Best T.V. show to watch = currently loving Fringe.. one of my all time faves is Alias
Have any Pets = Yes, my pug Zoe’ and 2 kitties.. a Himalayan Seal Point.. his name is Kendall and my handsome black and white guy Monkey
Favorite Drink = A protein shake lol … if you are taking me out for cocktails I would say Effin Vodka Black Cherry on the rocks with a fresh lime wedge
Favorite Movie = 5th Element, Superman and Star Wars .. too hard to pick just one ;)

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly – Topless Workout Girl

Samantha Kelly believes in keeping her sexy body and pretty tits in fine shape, and she is doing an excellent job! Her nipples look amazing and very pretty as she works out in the gym while topless. No reason to have any restricting shirt on to get in the way, and it makes for some awesome views for us fans.

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly loves to expose her pretty tits! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Melyssa Buhl Gets Wet Washing Her Muscle Car

Hardbody girl Melyssa Buhl is wearing a super tight little tank top and shorts and washing her muscle car, everything about this makes for some super sexy pictures. Her perky tits look gorgeous as she gets all wet and slips the shirt up to give us a great look. Sure wish I could give her a hand with washing the car, or better yet maybe I could wash her beautiful boobs. Sounds like fun to me!

Melyssa Buhl

Melyssa Buhl loves to expose her sweet nipples! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Megan Avalon Showing Off Her Mega Hot Hard Body

Megan Avalon is a sexy hard body girl and loves to strip off her bikini so we can get a great look at her gorgeous big tits. As I look at the well defined figure of Megan, my mind wanders into fantasy land as I dream of running my hands up and down her body and across her perky nipples.

Megan Avalon

Megan Avalon loves to expose her perky tits! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!