Cody Milo in a Pink Polka Dot Bikini

Who is Cody Milo and where did she come from? It seems like I may have seen her around the internet before but I don’t remember where. One thing for sure, I love the sweetness in her face and the fact that she likes to strip off her little bikini top. Pinup Files always finds the best girls for their website and Cody Milo is another gorgeous girl to add to the long list.

Cody Milo

Cody Milo enjoys flashing her pretty tits! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Sheridan Love Looking Glamorous in Her Blue Dress

Who says a girl with big boobs can’t be glamorous too? Sheridan Love is very happy to be nearly naked most of the time, but right now she looks spectacular in her pretty blue dress. Now having said that, I still really love the fact that Sheridan still loves to expose her big tits! Seems her clothes never stay on very long and that just makes me extremely happy!

Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love is happy to expose her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Who is the Game of War Goddess?

Ever since I started seeing the new commercials on T.V. for the  “Game of War: Fire Age”  video game release, my eyes have been glued to the screen. Who is this beautiful busty Goddess in the white low cut dress? This girl is so alluring and sexy and now I have discovered it is celebrity top model Kate Upton. Wow, she looks better than I have ever seen her. I love the way she struts through the battlefield in slow motion and her breasts bouncing just slightly. She is such a seductive Maiden and is definitely in command as she makes her way across the screen.  From what I have found through a little investigation is that she has been hired to be the new spokesperson for the Game of War franchise and they have paid a pretty high price to acquire Kate for their advertising plans. If you have not seen the new trailer yet, then have a look here below and enjoy the amazing cleavage of Kate Upton as she strolls across the game zone.

Exclusive Interview with Erotic Glamor Girl Pashence Marie

Pashence Marie

Every once in a while I find a gorgeous girl who has an extra special spark that really knocks my socks off. Pashence Marie is one of these girls. Her sweet face and beautiful curvy body are perfect in every way. Recently  I have been following Pashence on twitter and noticed how busy she is, going to many exotic locations and doing awesome photo shoots for all kinds of magazines. Seeing all her activities and amazing bikini pics made very curious to find out more about this pretty girl. I am very grateful to Pashence Marie for finding time in her busy schedule to sit down and answer a few questions for me and my followers here at Big Boob World so we can learn more about this seductive glamor model.

How did you get your start in the world of erotic modeling?
Pashence: The world of Erotic modeling just kind of found me. I never intended to pursue modeling but a friend and photographer convinced me to do a shoot and now its just snowballed. So I’m going to roll with it.

Do you work out at the gym much or are you just naturally blessed with a perfectly sculpted body?
Pashence: I wish I was blessed. I work out pretty regularly. No pain no gain. Squats do a booty good.

Pashence Marie   Pashence Marie   Pashence 26

I love how all your photo shoots are so glamorous, do you come up with these ideas or your photographer/manager?
Pashence: You just never know where inspiration will come from. Sometimes I go to one of my photographers with an idea and it just blossoms into something sexy. To be honest my fans are not to shy when it comes to sexy new ideas and a lot of good shoots have been the result of a fan sending me a hot outfit or present.

I see a lot of tweets about Jamaica and Dominican Republic, what have you been doing there?
Pashence:  I just recently got home from back to back trips to each. Both trips were amazing gatherings of some of the hottest Glamour/Bikini Models in the world, as well as some of the biggest photographers in the business. I was able to shoot 100s of exciting new pics in some super exotic locations. Stay tuned for a bunch of hot images.

PashenceHave you entered many beauty pageant or bikini competitions?
Pashence: I’ve done a few bikini contests here and there. Usually a friend in the business will ask me to do one from time to time. You win some and you lose some.

Its seems like you are very busy right now, do you get much time to relax and enjoy the places you travel too?
Pashence:  I always get the ” Your job sure is tough” sarcastic comments. Hey guys, you don’t just roll out of bed and your ready for a 530am sunrise shoot.

You have been doing a lot of awesome photo shoots lately, care to tell us which location or shoot has been your most favorite?
Pashence:  I would have to say that the Jamaica trip for The Paradise Challenge recently was one of my favorites. I got to be body painted and then the next night taped up for The Black Tape project.

I saw that on twitter where you were at an event with body paint on, What was that like? Did you enjoy walking around naked and have you ever done that before?
Pashence: I had never been body painted like that. The artist John Neyrot was amazing. It was a pleasure to walk around naked and show off.

PashenceI love the whole idea of girls in body paint, would you be willing to let me paint your breasts?(Not a real question, just a Fantasy I have!)
Pashence:  I’m assuming you are a master at finger painting. ;) <(Been highly trained and skilled for many years so I am ready!)

Can you give us a hint at what you might have planned in the near future?
Pashence: I’m gonna have to keep my lips sealed on that one. Ill just say there are a lot of fun surprises yet to reveal themselves in the coming year and beyond.

I really loved the twitter pic you posted with the “I Love Boobs” hat, have you ever actually wore it out in public, LOL?
Pashence:  I absolutely have worn it in public and I wear it quite often at an event we call Bikini Sunday in my home town. I’m pretty sure most people would agree with me on the hat.

What kind of fun activities do you like to do when you are not working or modeling?
Pashence: I’m a true Florida girl. I love being on the water. Beach, pool or boat.

You are so beautiful and sensual, Now I see you have a new venture in the world of sexy advice for Bikini Model Magazine. Can you tell me more about this?
Pashence:  I can’t say enough great things about the guys at Bikini Model Magazine. They offered me an amazing opportunity to give it a try and give my “Sexpert Advice” in a column.I believe the original idea was to have different bikini models give advice. Now here we are with the 4th installment and a feature spread with me this month. Keep sending in your questions. Its so much fun.

Where or how is the best place for your fans to enjoy seeing more of your gorgeous body?
Pashence: Of course. Everyone can see me and my BIG BOOBs in all of their glory uncensored at my website and my twitter Pashence_Marie or Instagram Pashence_Marie ;)  Thanks Big Boob World for the feature and q&a. Stay tuned for more Pashence!

Pashence Marie  Pashence 30

Pashence Marie loves to show off her beautiful body! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!