Chloe Vevrier – Elegant Lady in a White Dress

Chloe Vevrier loves to get all dressed up which I like to see. Her huge breasts put so much stress and strain on her pretty white elegant dress. But the best thing about her tight dress is when she decides to release the top and let those wonderful soft titties spill out. What a beautiful sight to see when Chloe lets her nipples be exposed, I LOVE IT!

Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier loves to expose her beautiful bare breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Ewa Sonnet – Seductive in a Silk Robe

Ewa Sonnet is an extremely seductive woman as we can clearly see here in this brand photo shoot with her in a sheer silk robe. I love the look of her nipples as they stand out underneath the sexy garment. What a pleasure to see her as she slowly slips it off to reveal her pretty bare breasts. Be sure to visit Ewa Sonnet’s new and exciting website and see the latest videos of her exposing her beautiful boobs in action.

Ewa Sonnet

Ewa Sonnet loves to show off her beautiful bare breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

An Intimate Visit with Antonella Kahllo

Antonella Kahllo

I am very pleased, grateful and extremely honored to have the pleasure of visiting with Antonella Kahllo this past week. She is a warm and friendly lady with a big heart, oh and amazing big boobs!! This sweet lady is a pleasure to follow on twitter and she truly enjoys tweeting pics, visiting and showing off her beautiful big boobs during her daily activities. Antonella has just started her new journey as a big boob glamour girl and I am already a huge fan of hers and hope you enjoy learning more about her in this intimate interview here below.

Hello Antonella, You are a stunning woman blessed with a wonderful personality and always seem to have such a positive attitude. Since I have started following you on twitter it is very apparent that you love your fans and enjoy interacting with them. I noticed your twitter profile says “South American Goddess”, so were you born there, and if so, how long did you live there?
Antonella: Yes, I was born and raised in Ecuador. I love my country so much, in fact I just got back from spending a few weeks there recently. It’s so beautiful, but the altitude can be really tough to get acclimated to…even when I go back it’s hard to breathe or walk too fast for the first few days. I have been in America for over a decade though, and as long as I’m near the ocean, I love it here too. I guess that’s why I’m a California girl!Antonella Kahllo

What kind of young girl were you growing up, wild & flirty or quiet and shy?
Antonella: I was a really late bloomer in every way. I still played with Barbie dolls in high school, lol. But I sort of had 2 personalities: one was painfully shy, especially with strangers, and the other one was kind of a rebel tomboy. My mom put me in the upstairs bedroom so I wouldn’t climb out to go play with my friends. But I was very naive with boys until my early 20’s.

When the time came for your breasts to start blossoming, did you enjoy the new feeling of having bigger breasts? Did you enjoy seeing guys and girls notice?
Antonella: Like I said, my tetas didn’t start growing until late. In high school I was barely a C-cup believe it or not. In fact I was only a DD for a long time, and then all of a sudden about 6 years ago my boobs went through another huge growth spurt. It almost seemed like every week I was getting bigger. I actually started washing my bras carefully in cold water because I thought I was shrinking them hahahaha (true story). I had gained a little weight, but just about EVERYTHING was going straight to my girls. People had always stared at me, but then it just got out of hand, and surprisingly, it was women (and still is) that stare the most. I think I have learned to ignore the attention a lot, or my life would be such a hassle. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my breasts and they do open doors for me, so at the end of the day I feel blessed.

Recently on twitter you have posted some awesome Vine clips exposing your gorgeous big boobs, do you have any idea how exciting that is for us boob lovers and will continue to post more boob clips? (I assume you enjoy having us admire your talents!)
Antonella: Yes I just discovered Vine not too long ago and I think it’s a very powerful medium. I’m still getting used to it, but I have so much fun making them. It also gives all my fans the chance to hear my voice, which they seem to like. But I LOVE to get fan feedback. Honestly, I don’t really know “how exciting that is for us boob lovers…” but feel free to tell me any time you like. And YES I will keep them coming. I pride myself on being ALL ABOUT MY FANS!!!!! Without you, I don’t exist.

Antonella Kahllo    Antonella Kahllo

Seeing these videos makes me wonder, when you are alone, do you have fun playing with your bare breasts? Does it make you get excited? (it sure gets me excited!!)
Antonella: Yes, very much! Like I said, I love my breasts, and when I’m in the mood my girls and I get busy, lol. Also, my nipples are super sensitive, so even just a tug or a lick can send shockwaves through my little body. I could tell you more, but I don’t know you well enough yet Mr. Big Boob ;-)

Do you get a lot of pleasure out of some other lucky person playing with your breasts? (because I could help you out anytime you need some loving caressing or massaging)
Antonella: Si!

Have you ever needed to work a full time job and if so what did you do before you became a model?
Antonella: Oh yes, I have worked full time my whole life until recently. I am actually a great employee and always take my responsibilities very seriously. I was raised to give 100% to everything I commit to…nothing less. I was never the kind of person who jumped around from job to job, but one day I will write about some of those experiences on my upcoming website. I am SURE my fans will go crazy when they hear some of my workplace adventures….stay tuned.Antonella Kahllo

When you go out in public, do you like to dress in clothes that hide your breasts or wear something that will show some cleavage?
Antonella: If you can show me any clothing other than a poncho that can hide these breasts, please let me know hahahahaha!!! I think it’s usually a matter of degree of exposed cleavage, lol. When my girls grew out of control, I was pretty self-conscious for a while, but I just wear what I want now and don’t stress about it. Sometimes it’s a hot outfit that can bring a busy place to a standstill, and other times I make sure I bring some camouflage if I don’t want to be bothered.

When your Pinup Files photo shoot hit the internet you became an overnight big boob girl sensation, have you ever done anything like this before?
Antonella: Absolutely not. Although I thought about it for several years, and I was contacted by every well-known big boobie company, the first time I was published on the web was with PinupFiles on November 15, 2013. So I guess I am what you guys would call “fresh meat” hahahahaha. I have only been around for 14 weeks and to be honest, I am blown away with the response. I never thought I would have so many AMAZING FANS this fast. It has been a wonderful experience so far with only a minimum amount of disrespectful creepos. I am sooooooo grateful! I wish I could hug each and every one of my fans!

Thank you for the awesome in depth view into your personal life Antonella, and for all her fans out there, be sure to come back for the rest of Her interview coming in the near future. Visit Antonella Kahllo on her twitter page so you can find out what new and exciting things she has in store. I think she is going to be an huge star in the Big Boob World!

Antonella Kahllo