Twitter Spotlight Girl @XxXBaylieeXxX – Tits for Touchdowns

There is a new craze going around on twitter lately whenever the weekend comes along. Bailey Deveraux is an awesome girl who is a football fan and loves to support her team with #Tits4TDs, the next best thing to happen in the twitter world. I am born and raised in Oregon and Bayliee  is gorgeous girl who lives in Washington, so we both cheer for the same teams in college and the NFL. I look forward to watching the home teams play and celebrate with her whenever there is a TD!  So be sure to follow Bailey Deveraux and prepare to see her tits whenever her teams score a touchdown.

Bailey Deveraux

Bailey Deveraux loves to expose her pretty tits! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

So many girls these days want to have fun taking selfie pictures, what a wonderful sight to see. There are never two girls with identical boobs, just like snowflakes. Girls of all shapes & sizes are the spice of life and I never tire of seeing another naked girl with beautiful big boobs. Check out all the latest hot babes below and let me know who is your favor naughty girl. I really love this sweet girl here with the colored hair, such a pretty face and a great pair of tits.


Big Boob girls have lots of fun shooting selfie pics! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Twitter Spotlight Girl @msgingerbirdy

Nothing is better than a sexy big boob amateur girl who has fun exposing her breasts to anyone lucky enough to see. Ms Ginger loves to show off on her twitter page and I love seeing all the various places she picks to expose her nipples. Recently she had lots of fun on Sunday during a Denver Broncos football game, flashing her tits for every touchdown. So now I am Bronco’s fan!! Be sure to follow Ginger and enjoy the awesome view of her pretty bare breasts.


Ms Ginger loves to expose her pretty nipples on twitter! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Milena Velba – Tribute to a Big Boob Goddess

The time has come for me to feature a true big boob Goddess who I have admired for a long time. Milena Velba is one of the greatet wonders of the Big Boob World and until now I have not yet featured her at my website. She is so beautiful and blessed with an amazing pair of huge natural breasts, combined with one of the sweetest personalities on the planet. I have always enjoyed seeing Milena because she has such a true sense of erotic playful pleasure about her photo shoots. This gorgeous girl loves to play with her boobs and many times you will find her having fun with other girl friends, playing with them too. I am sure that Milena Velba must be a sweetheart of a lady to be around, she just seems to enjoy anything that involves being exposed and I love that she is such an entertainer.

Milena Velba

I call this blog post a tribute because I just found out by visiting her website that she will be closing down at the end of this 2014 year. What a sad day this will be for all big boob lovers around the world. I am sure we will always see pictures of this beautiful girl all over the internet but probably not new content if she retires. So I would officially like to say to Milena Velba how much I love her and hope she is happy and wish her the very best. My dream would be to meet her and tell her in person or at least contact her in some way so that I may express my gratitude for her amazing displays of big tit fun and adventure. Thank you Milena! XOXO

Be sure to visit Milena Velba at her website and say Hello!

More amazing pics for you to enjoy!