Super Special Treat from Tessa Fowler!

Tessa Fowler

This last week was very special for me, the gorgeous Tessa Fowler from Pinup Files made me so happy when she slipped on my “Official Member of Big Boob World” tank top. Tessa, as most people know, now has her own spectacular website and to see her wearing my shirt is a special treat I will never forget. She is such a sweet young girl and the way she has her hair pulled back really shows off how beautiful her face is. One of my favorite things about this picture is how well her big boobs stretch out the tight fitting t-shirt. I just wish I had been there with her when she modeled the tank top so I could help her slip it on and off. Now that would be an epic and thrilling fantasy adventure! So now that Tessa has my shirt, I am hoping to see more of her in the future and will be very excited to feature her again at my blog. I love watching Tessa Fowler play with her pretty bare breasts and so I have an awesome web cam video show from her for you to watch right here, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!

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