Star Trek Fan Tessa Fowler Ready for Her First Away Mission!

What could any better than beaming down for some fun and adventure on a mysterious planet with naughty Star Trek officer Miss Tessa Fowler! Nothing gets a trekkie more excited than some cosplay action and the idea of being on an away mission, especially with a beautiful busty girl. Tessa Fowler really knows how to have a great fantasy adventure and she can be my commanding officer any time or anywhere.


Tessa Fowler loves to expose her pretty tits!

2 Replies to “Star Trek Fan Tessa Fowler Ready for Her First Away Mission!”

  1. I’ve been a star trek fan since the start-but never been more so since Tessa Fowler has been one. Not only is she the most beautiful girl ever, but the glasses she wears in that photoshoot only make her even prettier. A fan from now on!

  2. This is how it goes-Captain Tessa Fowler, crewman Remsen , out in space-damn! I’ll salute even when she’s not on the bridge.

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