News Flash! New Pinup Files Girl Gemma Massey

Pinup Files has done it again! Another new big boob girl joins the ranks and her name is Gemma Massey! She is already a super hot model and celebrity and now she is happy to expose her gorgeous bare breasts as a Pinup Girl. I love this photo shoot and the pink striped shirt she starts off wearing. Her left arm is covered with a unique tattoo and I normally don’t care for tats but Gemma makes it looks really sexy. If you want to see more of Gemma Massey, then you might want to join up with Pinup Files and see the more of this amazing new photo shoot!

Gemma Massey

Gemma Massey is happy to expose her beautiful bare breasts!

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One Reply to “News Flash! New Pinup Files Girl Gemma Massey”

  1. Her early pics showed how really pretty she was. She has ruined her appeal with the horrendous boob job, the collegen lips and the stupid tatoos. Her surgeon should be shot for slicing her boobs open where he did. Any responsible doc puts the scar at the fold, not a couple of inches below the nipple.

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