New Official Member of Big Boob World Miss @Sam38G

It is so exciting to see world famous big boob star Sam38G modeling my “Official Member of Big Boob World” t-shirt, and I must say, she looks spectacular wearing it!! This selfie she took below is my most favorite. Sam has such a sexy look on her face and the seeing her erect nipples poking through tight tank top is amazing. Samantha spends a lot of time on twitter and I would greatly appreciate it if everyone reading my blog would stop by and say Hello to Sam38G and find out what she is up to. I want to thank Samantha so very very much for wearing my Big Boob World t-shirt and being another very famous and popular boob model who is willing to show off her gorgeous body in my tank top.

Samantha Boob World shirt 04

Please be sure to visit Sam38G at Her Website for some awesome big boob fun!!

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2 comments for “New Official Member of Big Boob World Miss @Sam38G

  1. ale
    June 7, 2016 at 3:22 am

    santa polenta ! this is a real good size to model !

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