New Big Boob Sensation Lucie Wilde

Lucie Wilde

Lately I have been seeing some amazing pics of the new big boob sensation Lucie Wilde and I have to say I am becoming a new fan. Her breasts are extremely large for her tiny little body and she has such a sweet face. This past St Patrick’s Day holiday I really like the pics I found on twitter of her dressed in her Irish outfit, she looked so cute. Well it is time for me to feature her at Big Boob World and the best way to enjoy her is to watch as she plays with her gorgeous big boobs.

Lucie Wilde loves to show off her pretty tits!

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8 Replies to “New Big Boob Sensation Lucie Wilde”

  1. incredible tits with an amazing slim figure…. very much in the merilyn sakova mould. been watching her closely since she started and I think with the right management we have a star on our hands..

  2. if she didnt do porn she would be really special. great nipple to boob ratio, gigantic real tits and an amazing young figure. shes probably in her early 20s. but the fact that she gets fucked for money takes away a lot of her beauty. she could be on Jana Defi level if she wasnt a glorified prostitute.

  3. Lucie reminds me of Roberta Pedon. She also hd massive tits and a thin body. I hope she doesn’t quit like Roberta did in the middle of her career. I can’t wait to see what else Lucie does. She is a very special woman.

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