Marilyn Mayson – Who is This Sweet Big Boob Star?

Marilyn Mayson

I have had the extreme pleasure over the past few weeks of meeting a super hot new big boob girl on twitter and boy does she rock! Marilyn Mayson is fairly new to the Big Boob World, but she is making a huge splash on twitter after she landed some awesome photo shoots with I quickly became a huge fan of Marilyn since the first time I laid eyes on her, and so I just had to know more about her. Marilyn is such a very pretty girl with large full breasts (yes, still full of milk, YUM YUM!) and a curvy sexy body. She was very sweet in letting me hit her up with some interview questions about her and those gorgeous huge breasts.


Where were you born, and where do you live know?
Marilyn: I’m Oklahoma born and raised.

How long have you been doing modeling?
Marilyn: I have been webcamming since June 2010, I first shot with Score in April.

I see your photo shoot for XL Girls/ Scoreland, have you done work for anyone else?Marilyn Mayson
Marilyn: So far Scoreland is the only company I have shot for.

How big are your gorgeous breasts and are you still lactating?
Marilyn: I fluxuate between a 38 G and a 38 H because of my lactation, so yes I still am!

What plans do you have for more modeling, and/or more porn related shoots?
Marilyn: I plan to continue with Score and possibly other company’s in the future… For now I am continue to work on Streamate and I am in the process of launching my own pay site

Do you prefer shooting with men or women?
Marilyn: My preference is just to have variety, BG, BGG, BBG, Ganagbang, I don’t care as long as I get to have fun and work with other sexy performers!

Are you married or single?
Marilyn: I am single!

I see you have some large tattoos, any stories to tell about them?
Marilyn: My pin up is hatchet face from the john waters film, Cry Baby the quote on my shoulder is my favorite line in the movie! “sometimes shook up old ladies get cut” It kinda doesn’t make since unless you’ve seen it tho, haha! My portrait is obviously so mistress of the dark, Elvira! I love her as an entertainer and a human being in general, and I think she is the epitome of sexy! And my last tattoo is very special to me, It’s of my best friend, I drew it and it has my hand writing. The quote is from the song “everyone needs an editor” by the band Mates of State, One of my favorite bands of all time! And my best friend chose the background which is the book cover for where the wild things are!

If you could visit somewhere for vacation and fun, where would that be?Marilyn Mayson
Marilyn: Hawaii!!!! for surrrrrrrrrre!

Are you a party girl or stay at home and relax type girl?
Marilyn: I don’t get to go out a whole lot, I used to be super wild but I calmed down a lot since I became a mother. When I get the chance to go out I’m the life of the party, but 9 X out of 10 I’m at home with my kid.

What would be your idea of a fun time?
Marilyn: There’s so many things I like to do, it’s hard to narrow it down but I guess I will give you an example Start the night eating sushi, going to my favorite bar with all my friends and getting shwasted, then hitting up some karaoke, then if it’s a really good night, ending with some rock band! haha!

Do you enjoy playing with your breasts and nipples?
Marilyn: I lovvvvvvvvvvvve playing with my nipples and milk! I play with my tits everytime I masterbate!

Do you like to expose your boobs/cleavage in public or are you conservative in real life?
Marilyn: haha I love this question! You can ask anyone who knows me and they will all say I am the farthest thing from conservative! In fact I posted my new magazine cover for the Novemeber issue of Xlgirls and I had several people say they weren’t surprised! haha! That’s pretty telling when my facebook friends list isn’t surprised I do porn? lol In highschool I was notorious for showing my tits at a party! haha! I was “that” girl! …. still am kinda :]

I sure do love seeing your pretty face and beautiful breasts, where is the best place to see more of you? Do you ever go to any place where fans could meet you in person?
Marilyn: For now, You can see me on Streamate till my website comes out! I encourage other companies to contact me for bookings via email

Thank you so much Marilyn for the awesome interview, and to all you big boob lovers out there who love Marilyn Mayson and her gorgeous big breasts, here is your chance to show your love and spoil her with gifts from her wish list! Marilyn would love to have some new outfits to use for the new sets she is about to shoot for her paysite!

Marilyn Mayson

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