Makeup Artist Deserae Marie Barajas – An Interview with the Beauty Behind the Scenes

Do you ever wonder how your favorite beautiful model always looks so ravishing for a photo shoot or video? Recently on twitter I discovered one special lady who makes it her business to work with celebrities and models to make them as beautiful as they can be. Deserae Marie Barajas has been busy since she was a teenager learning her craft as a professional hair and makeup artist and I must say, she is making quite a name for herself. I visited her website and browsed the long list on her resume to find she has done a lot of amazing work in the Los Angeles area and even for Magazines in other countries.

Des & Antonella Kahllo

When my favorite new big boob friend Antonella Kahllo began her work on shooting for her up coming new website, she hired Deserae Barajas as her makeup artist and the fun got started. Antonella seemed extremely excited at having Des make her look more beautiful than ever and they had an awesome time getting sexy for the camera. After seeing the behind the scenes pictures on twitter of Des and Antonella, it got me thinking that I would really love to learn more about this beautiful woman who was doing Antonella’s hair and makeup. What a great job it must be, and so here are just a few thoughts I wanted to ask Deserae in this exclusive interview here below.

Hello Deserae, I read on your website you started at the young age of 15. Is there something or someone you feel was the spark that ignited your passion to start your career as a makeup and hair artist?
Deserae: As a Young girl I have always been very passionate about art. Whether it was creating it, watching it, looking for it and just connecting with it but I’d have to give my mom all the credit for this answer.

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