Linsey Dawn McKenzie Interview With Howard Stern

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is featured in this video interview as a guest on The Howard Stern Show and of course the main topic is about her beautiful huge breasts. It is hard to believe that Linsey’s boobs are all natural and so she is very convincing in proving her point that they are indeed real. What a treat it is to watch and listen as Howard talks with Linsey Dawn while she sits there topless, taking time to give a little shake and wiggle of her gorgeous tits in a playful manner.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is happy to expose her tits!

3 Replies to “Linsey Dawn McKenzie Interview With Howard Stern”

    1. I love live video clips like this. Linsey is quite impressive and I enjoyed watching her visit with Howard with her breasts exposed.
      Thanks visiting and your comments.

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