Leanne Crow in a Pinup Files T-Shirt

Leanne Crow makes a  feeble attempt to contain her huge breasts inside a small Pinup files t-shirt, and here are the pics to show how it went. These awesome screenshots reveal that her boobs are so large that she gave up and just let them hang out. I see no reason for Leanne to ever need to cover up her gorgeous bare breasts anyway, visit Leanne Crow at her website to see more attempts to cover her huge tits!

Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow loves to expose her breasts!


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7 Replies to “Leanne Crow in a Pinup Files T-Shirt”

  1. Leanne’s a soft cuddley woman who need’s too be loved by a man who addore’s and love eternally,love Christopher mcauley

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