Karla James Continues to Dazzle Us With Her Beauty

Karla James is an indescribable beautiful woman. Every timeĀ  I see this gorgeous brunette girl, my heart skips a beat. Her curves and sex appeal leap from the screen and I am in awe of how much I want to stare at her big beautiful bare breasts. Pinup Files has been very busy the last few months presenting some of the hottest busty girls in the Big Boob World and Karla James ranks as one of the best surprises to hit the web this year. I love how they have been shooting her in outdoor settings where her beauty shines, and this new picture set is just as hot as the first one. Karla looks very laid back and sexy and even though I love her sweet breasts, I can’t help but notice her shapely legs are equally superb.

Karla James

Karla James loves to expose her gorgeous breasts!

5 Replies to “Karla James Continues to Dazzle Us With Her Beauty”

  1. yes karla is amazing isn’t she??? ive loved her since she appeared in score in 2010… she did some great work at score for a couple of years then seemed to drop of the radar so its great to see her back… I hope she will work for score again soon…. Eddie,, a little of topic but have you seen Leanne crows zipper bikini bra pics???? there fucking mindbending and I think her best shoot ever,, wellworth a look if you haven’t already seen it…

  2. Miss Karla James,

    I am an astrologer and wish to know your true time of birth to put an accurate natal horoscope of you on ASTROLOGER’S COMUNITY FORUM.

    Someone posted your chart but is the date and EXACT TIME correct?

    On this Forum we have what is said to be your horoscope at 9:42 A.M.


    Re: What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    And of course I posted some beautiful photos of you in the RED BIKINI, NOT lude, but I’m afraid some of the women were jealous of your curves!

    Is 9:42 a.m. your true birth time and the date correct?

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