Karina Hart – Hotel Maid Service

OH MY! Karina Hart is all dressed up as a hotel maid ready to give us some expert service. I really wish I had her outside my hotel room. Just look how sweet she is in the cute little uniform as she strips it off to reveal her gorgeous naked body.

Karina Hart

Karina Hart is happy to expose her bare breasts!


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One Reply to “Karina Hart – Hotel Maid Service”

  1. the most perfect tits and round ass on this chick… remember her july 2008 score mag debut like it was only yesterday… still have the issue…. she went on to do one boy/girl scene for score but was handled badly so never did anymore scenes… shame…

  2. Karina, there is no way you could think I am crazy for being in love with you. L o l. You are so beautiful. Yes I want to Marry you more than anything

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