Interview with New Big Boob Sensation Bella Brewer!!

What a special treat for me to have been spending a lazy Sunday on Twitter and finding out we have an amazing new big boob sensation presented to us by Pinup Flies!! This gorgeous girl is Bella Brewer and she is the new talk of the town all over the internet. The next best thing to happen is that I sent her a tweet and she just happened to be available to spend some time with me for a lengthy interview. What an exciting pleasure! Bella is an exceptionally sweet young girl and I had such a great time visiting with her and I am extremely lucky to be able to bring my blog readers this fantastic interview discussion we had on Twitter. Be sure you follow Bella Brewer asap!

Hello Bella, do you have time to let me ask you some questions for an interview to post on my website please?
Bella: Sure 🙂
Send them over I will take a look now while I’m free

Awesome! My first thought is have you ever been a professional model before doing your new Pinup Files shoot?
Bella: Not really, I had done one or two small shoots but nothing as big as Pinup Files.

Your Twitter bio says musician, what instrument do you play??
Bella: I have played flute and piano for many years & I have taught myself a bit of guitar and ukulele. I also sing occasionally 🙂

I see you have an Onlyfans website, and I see you are 20 years old and a student. What kind of career have you been planning for and after your recent modeling success, have you changed your future plans?
Bella: Yes I have an OnlyFans site to share pictures and videos with fans 🙂 I’m 21 and actually just completed my first year at university. I don’t actually have much of a career plan as I’m quite a spontaneous person! I like to see where life takes me & this opportunity to model fits perfectly into the flexible, fun type of lifestyle I enjoy.

Wow, that is very interesting, I am so excited that you feel this way so we get to enjoy seeing your beautiful breasts and pretty face!! Have you ever exposed your bare breasts in public before, and how was the experience?
Bella: Yes I have actually! When I was staying in LA and went hiking up through the canyons I got them out for a photo in the hills, it was a lot of fun but quite risky! Lots of other hikers near by.
One of the photos was on my old Instagram which got disabled by the insta police so I don’t have it any more 🙁

Oh that sounds very exciting!! Sure wish I had been there to witness that! Will you be starting a new Instagram account?
Bella: I do have a new one that I have posted a few pics on. It’s ‘thebellabrewer’. However I’m cautious as I don’t want the insta police after me again! But would love to start posting more there

Do you still have a copy of the pic that you can send me to post with our interview pretty please?? if not maybe you can send me some other pic, I would be so very honored!
Bella: No I don’t have a copy as it was on my old phone which I don’t have anymore 🙁
Sure that’s a possibility! I’m just about to pop out for 30 minutes so I won’t have internet to reply straight away, feel free to send any other questions over for me to look at when I get back 🙂

I am so very grateful for you visiting with me you are awesome!! Thank you very much!!
By the way, since you like playing music, what type of music is your favorite?
Bella: I enjoy such a range of music! Classical, pop, rock, rap, jazz. I love 50s/60s music at the moment. I couldn’t pick just one era or genre!. My favorite artist overall is probably Lana Del Rey.

Thank you for returning and answering my questions Bella, you ROCK!
Bella: No problem

 I am curious to know, where were you born, and where do you live now?
Bella: I was born in London but I currently live in Wales where I study.

Besides playing music, do you have any other hobbies and what do you do for fun on a Friday or Saturday night?
Bella: I enjoy swimming and tennis and have recently started getting into yoga and meditation. My main hobby is traveling but this is an expensive one! I do socialize on evenings with my friends and I enjoy a Long Island ice tea or two.
*on weekends

Where did you do the new Pinup Files photo shoot/video, and is there any place in the world that would be your fantasy place to do a photo shoot?
Bella: We shot at a beautiful house in the countryside just outside of London, it was a really great shoot. The dream shoot would be in Japan or Hawaii, these locations just seem so unique and interesting.

So I see some of your new fans on Twitter are Leanne Crow and Antonella Kahllo, (pretty cool) do you think there is a strong chance you will get to do a photo shoot with them??
Bella: I’ve always looked up to a lot of the PuF girls such as Leanne and Tessa. Antonella has been very encouraging and supportive of me and my journey to becoming a model over the past year. She is great. Hopefully one day I’ll get to do a double shoot with one of them 🙂

I have a lot of love for Antonella, she has been a very good friend to me and treated me very special and did an awesome interview for me too just like you. Have you actually ever met Antonella in person?
Bella:  Yes she is lovely, we have not met in person but we have been following each other and chat for quite some time. But hopefully in the future

You say swimming and tennis are your hobbies, which in my opinion would be excellent videos of you doing topless!!! Can I on offer this as a suggestion for a shoot in the future??
Bella: Yes definitely! A pool shoot is definitely in the very near future and I will think about the tennis one too!

Sweet!!! That would be awesome!!! I am getting very excited already!!

I could spend hours talking to you, you are so kind and friendly and one of my new favorite girls, but I probably should wrap this up, so I don’t bore you too long.
Do you have anything you would like to tell us(all your new fans) that may surprise us or something you want to share about your personal life?
Bella: Umm I’m trying to think of something interesting!
I love to learn new languages too! I speak a bit of French, German, Italian and also Welsh which is an extremely unusual one.
Oh and I’ve been to 21 countries so far, one for every year, and I want to keep this up till I run out of countries

WOW, that is very interesting! You are talented, extremely beautiful and very smart, oh and big boobs too!! the perfect woman!!!
I think it would be a perfect portfolio for modeling to see pics of you flashing your beautiful bare breasts in every country you visit! LOL

Thank You very much Bella, you have been so wonderful to spend time visiting with me, I really appreciate this and I wish you tons of success in your new career!!

Be sure to follow Bella Brewer on her Twitter page and see her new Video presented by!!

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