Interview With Makeup Artist Deserae Marie Barajas

Do you ever wonder how your favorite beautiful model always looks so ravishing for a photo shoot or video? Recently on twitter I discovered one special lady who makes it her business to work with celebrities and models to make them as beautiful as they can be. Deserae Marie Barajas has been busy since she was a teenager learning her craft as a professional hair and makeup artist and I must say, she is making quite a name for herself. I visited her website and browsed the long list on her resume to find she has done a lot of amazing work in the Los Angeles area and even for Magazines in other countries.

Des & Antonella Kahllo

When my favorite new big boob friend Antonella Kahllo began her work on shooting for her up coming new website, she hired Deserae Barajas as her makeup artist and the fun got started. Antonella seemed extremely excited at having Des make her look more beautiful than ever and they had an awesome time getting sexy for the camera. After seeing the behind the scenes pictures on twitter of Des and Antonella, it got me thinking that I would really love to learn more about this beautiful woman who was doing Antonella’s hair and makeup. What a great job it must be, and so here are just a few thoughts I wanted to ask Deserae in this exclusive interview here below.

Hello Deserae, I read on your website you started at the young age of 15. Is there something or someone you feel was the spark that ignited your passion to start your career as a makeup and hair artist?
Deserae: As a Young girl I have always been very passionate about art. Whether it was creating it, watching it, looking for it and just connecting with it but I’d have to give my mom all the credit for this answer. My mother was a hairstylist all throughout my childhood and although my father was very old fashioned, he was supportive of my mom pursuing her dreams. She always experimented with me with new cuts and wild hair color – my father despised it but loved her and I unconditionally. That’s how I stepped into the beauty industry.

Were you born and raised in Los Angeles or did you move there because of your career?
Deserae: I was born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles. I can’t leave this place! You have everything you need in Southern California.

I see you will do hair & makeup for non-celebrity people for weddings and important life moments, is this the majority of your jobs or are you very busy with models & celebrity type clients?
Deserae: It really depends on the season. I get extremely booked up around May and goes all throughout December. My off months, January through April I try to focus on photo shoots, magazine submissions, fashion shows and charity work.

Do you have many celebrity clients who come back for regular visits?
Deserae: I do actually! I am currently trying to put together an ongoing project with Crystal Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s wife. She is an amazing woman! Also, a really good friend of mine is a successful photographer and we are always working together to create some really astonishing images.

Des & Antonella Kahllo Looking back on all the creative work that you have done on your resume, can you name the top three you are most proud to have accomplished?
Deserae: I am so blessed to have done so much in the past few years that I can honestly say I am proud of every job I take on. Each and every job has gotten me a step closer to live my dream. But, if I had to come down to 3, I’d say:
1. Getting published in Playboy, FHM and Maxim (that was 3 in its own) 😉
2. To be a part of the Giorgio Armani fashion show taken place last year.
3. To work with Antonella – she truly is a treasure.

I would imagine you take your work very seriously, have you ever had any mishaps or stressful situations that made you be very nervous about the outcome?
Deserae: The secret about being in the industry I am in is to always keep your cool no matter what kind of situation you’re in. My job is very demanding and I always keep in mind, that the client that is in my chair is my boss. I strive and am very eager to please. Some people just have different taste, style, outlook, personality and are just overall different. Having to cater to everyone differently, honestly and friendly is a daily struggle but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I assume you must need to travel often to be on site for a show or photo shoot, so I am wondering what has been your favorite or most interesting location to do a job?
Deserae: In the beauty industry, you must be willing to travel anywhere you are needed. Fortunately for me, I love traveling – whether it’s flying, driving or heading somewhere on a boat! I’ve had the opportunity to travel to awesome places like Mexico and other states within the US. Best places are here in LA or Vegas! Love those Vegas business trips!

When the work week is all done and you are looking forward to the weekend, what do enjoy doing? Any Hobbies?Des & Antonella Kahllo
Deserae: Since I am always at work, whether it is in between clients, responding to messages and emails, social networking, I really don’t get a weekend. I truly look forward to spending time with my family and friends when I am not on the job. I don’t get much time with them as we all have different schedules but when I do, it is the most treasured feeling in the world!

One of the interesting creative things I see you have done is body painting. This seems very erotic to me, do you do much of this and what was your most challenging art work?
Deserae: I love body painting! I don’t do as much of this as I want to because there is a lot of prep work that must be done before we get the shot. I typically draw out my design on paper first which can take anywhere from 5 hours to a few days. Next, I find a crew – photographer, model, gaffer, and hair. The painting itself can take anywhere between 3 hours to 6 hours depending on the complexity of the design. Then shooting can take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours as well depending on the photographer and
model. My favorite design was a peacock I did on a model named Meshelle. Check it out on my creative portfolio on my website. I certainly want to do some more body painting in the future, but as you can see it takes a lot of prep work to get the perfect image.

I really enjoyed the behind the scenes pictures you took with Antonella Kahllo, have you had opportunity to work with any other big boob models?
Deserae: Antonella is incredible on and off screen! Her bubbly and very giddy personality makes her so awesome to work with. She is my first and hopefully not my last, big boob model.

The first thing I noticed in your photos with Antonella is that you are a very beautiful girl, have you ever done any modeling yourself and do you have any interest in doing that?
Deserae: Thank you! I once thought that’s what I wanted to do but, it’s really hard being a model. I don’t think models get enough credit – It really is a lot of work. I think people tend to see the more “glamorous” side of it. I think I’ll stick to behind the scenes and not in the cameras reach – unless Antonella and I have a little fun during our shoots!Des & Antonella Kahllo

So the impression I got when seeing you and Antonella together was that you two girls really had fun together. Along with doing her hair and makeup did that involve making her breasts more beautiful too? (Need an assistant? LOL)
Deserae: LOL, We always have a great time when we shoot together because “she gets it”. She is always positive and brings her happiness to the shoots. Her breasts are even more beautiful in person as they are on camera. Sometimes, she needs them oiled up, perked up, or even shine free and I am obliged to be there for her. Unfortunately, I am currently not seeking an assistant position Eddie but thank you for inquiring 😉

I would love to see you create a body painting design for Antonella Kahllo, this would be an awesome photo shoot and behind the scenes video, have any sexy ideas for an artistic design for Antonella?
Deserae: We have talked about doing some body painting and are super excited to execute it! Regrettably, I can’t talk about our million dollar ideas, but what I can tell you is that it’s going to be awesome! Stay tuned and follow us for updates! Eddie thank you so much for taking the opportunity to find out more about me and my amazing career.

So after looking through your website pages I started reading your raves/comments from clients and you obviously are very good at making people beautiful and happy. What an awesome job you have and I really enjoyed learning a little bit about the world of makeup artistry that I never realized goes on for a photo shoot. Thank you Des!

Des & Antonella Kahllo

Be sure to visit the talented and very beautiful Deserae Marie Barajas and follow her future work & projects!
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