Interview with Lyla Ashby

Lyla Ashby

I am very pleased to announce this week that gorgeous glamour model Lyla Ashby has just launched her brand new website! Over the past few weeks on Twitter, Lyla has been busy posting many new sexy photos and giving her fans a sneak peek at what to expect at her new site. Now the day is finally here and I am so happy to be able to have this opportunity present some of her exclusive new pics and get a chance to learn more about her. Lyla Ashby is such a sweet girl who has mesmerized many new fans with her sensual look and sultry eyes, oh yes, and her amazing beautiful breasts! I wanted to find out more about this big boob dream girl and so Lyla was very kind to take time to allow me to interview her for my Big Boob World readers to enjoy.

Where were you born and where are you living now?
Lyla: I was born in London and am currently living in Cheltenham.

Do you have any pets? Are you a dog lover or a cat lover?
Lyla: I have a Staffordshire bull terrier called Millie and I’ve had her for the last 10 years 🙂 She is the love of my life 🙂

What kind of music do you enjoy?
Lyla: I like most music but my fav is House.Lyla Ashby

How long have you been a model and who have you worked with/modeled for?
Lyla: I’ve been modelling for just over a year now and have worked for Flirt PR for that time.

What did you do before you started modeling?
Lyla: I was training to be an accountant… I have put my studies on hold while I concentrate on modelling, but plan to pick them up again in the future.

How did you get started in the business?
Lyla: I posted a few pics on twitter which my agent noticed and asked me to join her agency 🙂

What type of man or woman turns you on or gets you excited?
Lyla: I don’t really have a ‘type’ of guy that I go for… I have to be physically attracted to him and most importantly he has to make me laugh and have good conversation.

Is there any celebrity or person of interest you would love to meet?
Lyla: I have a huge crush on Jason Statham and would love to meet him.

Do you enjoy getting naked for the camera? In private or public places?
Lyla: Shoots are always fun 🙂 especially the outdoor ones as you have to avoid being spotted by the public!

Do you consider yourself a party girl or a “quiet evening at home” kind of girl?
Lyla: A bit of both… I love a good night out dancing till the early hours but also enjoy having a chilled quite night in.

Is there anyone special in you life, boyfriend or girlfriend?
Lyla: No I’m single and very much enjoying the single life 🙂Lyla Ashby

Have you ever done a photo shoot with another woman, and if not, would you consider it?
Lyla: No never… but I think that would be a fun shoot to do.

Do you travel much or stay at home?
Lyla: I love traveling and my favorite place to visit is Greece… I have been there over 10 times… I would love to visit South America at some point tho.

If you had the chance to live somewhere besides your current home, where would that be?
Lyla: Definitely Greece!

You have a new website and it looks fantastic, what will visitors find there?
Lyla: Thanks! So I have lots of picture sets and a video to go with each set… every week there will be a picture set update and a video to go with it 🙂 And then a few self taken bonus sets through out the month too!

Any special plans for your new website you wish to announce?
Lyla: I am looking for suggestions for what people would like to see… so once I get feedback I will plan my new shoots and set around their preferences 🙂

Will you be having any live video chat plans?
Lyla: As of yet live video chat hasn’t been installed but I’m not ruling that out if enough people want that option.

Will you still model for other companies or will you be only shooting for your website?
Lyla: Yes definitely… I will still be shooting for Hayley’s secrets & More than Nylons… and maybe a few others 🙂

Can you give us any details on your future photo shoots coming up for your new website?
Lyla: I am going to be basing my new shoots on feedback and what my members want to see… so the more suggestions the better!

Thank you so much Lyla for letting us learn a little more about you, and to all big boob lovers out there, unfortunately Lyla has retired from modeling and no longer has a website. We wish her the very best! XOXO

Lyla AshbyLyla Ashby loves to show off her beautiful bare breasts!

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