Interview with Lana Ivans

Lana Ivans

There seems to be a never ending supply of gorgeous big boob girls that come from Europe, and Romania has one of the best! Lana Ivans is a very erotic and sexy lady who genuinely seems to enjoy the pleasure of being naked and driving men wild. I love following her on twitter where she likes to post naughty pics and also announce when she is live on her MyFreeCams show. Lana is more than happy and willing to get fully naked on cam, something I really love to see! Besides being an awesome cam girl, Lana is also a favorite model for Scoreland and other big name websites. She has done many photo shoots for Score and quite a few involve interacting with other big boob models. I am so excited to have a chance to meet Lana Ivans through twitter and have this opportunity to interview her for Big Boob World. Let’s get to know a little more about this gorgeous girl from Romania!

Hello Lana, some of your most awesome photo shoots are with Scoreland, how did you get the opportunity to become a Score model?
Lana: It happened not long after I started doing web camming. There were lots of guys who had the fantasy of seeing me getting naughty on cam with other girls. One day a friend who I met on an adult website told me about, so I took a look at it and emailed them. They replied to me right away.. and the rest is history..

I have noticed you did a lot of photo shoots with several other famous Score models, did you become great friends with any other girls more than just working together?
Lana: Arianna Sinn is one of the models I still get in touch with. We even spent a Christmas together. She is so much fun to hang out with.

Lana Ivans Lana Ivans

I am guessing that working with other big boob models and being topless or naked would cause some distractions while trying to work, did this ever happen where you girls had too much fun and took way longer to do a photo shoot than normal?
Lana: It did happen actually. It was one of my first shootings ever, in Portugal, for Scoreland. We were shooting Big Boob Finishing School. It was me and 5 other topless models. You can imagine..

Can you tell us what model turns you on, gets you excited, or makes you the most happy to pose with?
Lana: I really enjoyed posing with all the models by now.

Is there a model you would like to have some naughty fun posing with that you have never met before?
Lana: I would love posing with Aria Giovanni for Andrew Blake. I think this model is very expressive, that’s what I like the most about her. And why for Andrew Blake? I just love his work , I get inspired every time I see his videos. Is the kind of erotic art I’d love to learn more about in the future.

Can yo give us quick list of websites or magazines you have done posed for?
Lana: Um.. there are not a lot really.. you probably saw all of the adult stuff I did in the past..
Beside that I do lots of beauty/fashion shootings for friends/local photographers.

Where in the world would you most like to get naked in front of the camera for an exotic photo shoot?
Lana: Exotic beaches are all the same I think, so I don’t have a favorite place; more exciting would be to pose on a beach with lots of men in the background, I would really enjoy to see their faces when they see me posing nude.

Lana Ivans Lana Ivans

You seem to enjoy being naked on cam, do you ever get the chance to be naked outside much?
Lana: Yes, if you’ll ever see me on a beach, I would be topless for sure. And if is a nude beach I will comply :)) (I don’t like tanning lines)

What is your favorite activity you like to do on the weekends? Stay home and relax, or go places for fun?
Lana: Sometimes I m really excited for a day at the spa with my girlfriends, some other times I take two days vacation in the Carpathian Mountains just to get lost in the nature and forget about everything..

Lana Ivans I am curious, if I were lucky enough to meet you in person, would you be willing to let me feel your gorgeous bare breasts?
Lana: Take a number honey, get in line :p

Where is your favorite place to go when you eat out for dinner?
Lana: That would be a Japanese restaurant, I love sea food.

What is your favorite music and do you like to go dancing?
Lana: I listen to pretty much everything, but the most I like psychedelic rock and Goa music. Love rave parties.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or activities you can tell us about?
Lana: Everything I do is pretty much a hobby for me, even posing in front of the camera, or retouching pictures for my site. Sometimes I paint, but only when I feel really inspired, I have now three paintings (acrylic) started a year ago and almost finished. I m looking forward to showing them to the world 😀

So you were born in Romania and live there now? Ever lived anywhere else?
Lana: Yes, I still live in Romania, there is something about this place that doesn’t let me go, probably the people I love.

What is the country like where you live, does it have hills & valleys or is it flat land?
Lana: Romania has a big variety of relief forms. From the Carpathian Mountains to the Black Sea and Danube Delta. I must say I really enjoy traveling in my country.

So you do like to travel, other than your home country, where would you like to go?
Lana: I would do a trip around the world if I could have the time and money haha. For the near future I m planning on visiting the Northern Europe. Would be nice to reach Norway and see the Aurora Borealis.

Lana Ivans

Even though yo have beautiful big boobs, I love your eyes, so erotic and dreamy. What is your favorite part of your body?
Lana: I like pretty much everything about my body.. I don’t think I would ever change anything about it 🙂

You have an amazing website, very sexy looking!! Any new videos or photo shoots coming up for your website you want to tell us about?
Lana: First off all, thank you! These pictures below are just a few from my next photo-video set coming up next week. In the near future I will be collaborating with some new Romanian models, so stay tuned! Also I m planning to do a new category called ”Girlfriends” where solo sets of newcomer models will be posted.

Lana IvansI love watching you on MyFreeCams, you are so much fun to watch and it’s obvious you like getting naked for your viewers! What kind of schedule do you have for those of us who want to join in on the sexy fun?
Lana: Unfortunately I don’t have a schedule.. I just get online when I feel like, mostly in the afternoon or at night(Romania time). Just drop in to find out if I m around 🙂

Be sure to follow Lana Ivans on twitter and say Hello, and visit her website >>

Lana Ivans

Lana Ivans loves to expose her beautiful bare breasts!

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