Interview with Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye

Sure have been noticing a pretty girl popping up a lot on some popular big boob sites recently. This sexy blonde girl is Cameron Skye and her sweet smile and beautiful big boobs have really captured my attention. Who is this sexy lady and where did she come from? Recently I discovered her Twitter page and began following her and have found Cameron to be a great down to earth sweetheart who really enjoys showing off her naked body just like every good girl should.(at least all the girls in my mind..LOL) I am excited to have a chance to learn more about Cameron Skye in this exclusive Big Boob World interview, she is even more awesome than I first realized!!

You seem like a real honest to goodness girl next door type, how do describe yourself?
Cameron: I would describe myself as happy, fun, friendly, athletic, and adventurous. I really am the girl next door, with a naughty, adventurous side.

Cameron Skye

Where did you grow up, and if I may ask, where are you living right now?
Cameron: I grew up in Maryland, just outside Baltimore. I now live in Las Vegas.

Were you a good girl in school or a naughty girl?
Cameron: Oh man, I tried to be a good girl, but really, I’ve always had a naughty streak. I love being the center of attention, and being naughty is just so much fun!

Cameron SkyeI see you have done a lot of work for Scoreland, what has been your favorite photoshoot with them?
Cameron: Wow, it’s really hard to choose just one! I think my favorite shoot was the B/B/G scene. Remember how I said I like to be the center of attention? Well, I love having two guys at once! Plus, it was so fun to dress up and act like a naughty nurse.

Do you have a boyfriend? And what kind of guy turns you on?
Cameron: I’m married. I’m totally turned on by tall dark and handsome. But more than anything, I love a guy who is in control. I’m a totally sucker for a guy with a little bit of a cocky attitude.

How and when did you decide you wanted to get naked in front of them camera?
Cameron: I started getting naked for my husband to take pictures of me. My husband posted the pictures on a Model Mayhem account and I just got so many offers to shoot for people. It actually took me two years from the time Score first asked me to model for them for me to accept. Over time, I just got more and more comfortable being naked and started working with other photographers and companies and extending the limits of what I was willing to do. Plus, it is just such an exhilarating feeling to know that so many people are going to see me in my work, and that is something I really love.

I love seeing all your amazing pictures, so I am wondering, what was your very first photo shoot?
Cameron: My first shoot with anyone besides my husband was an erotic nude shoot on the sand dunes with an abandoned train car. I was so nervous! My first professional shoot was with Score almost two years ago, and then I did my first hard core scene in August of that year with them.

Scoreland is not the only place I have seen your pretty face, what other websites have you worked with?
Cameron: Scoreland is definitely the main site I’ve worked with. But I am also on Cosmid, Yesboobs, and I just shot with Nottyboyxxx for his clips4sale. I’m also working on content for my own clips4sale store.

Cameron Skye

Something that I always wonder about girls who have pierced nipples, does this make your nipples more sensitive?
Cameron: People always ask me that! They are certainly more sexually sensitive. Not more sensitive in a painful way at all. I love having them played with during sex because it makes my pussy feel even more turned on.

I saw on your Twitter you had some fun going topless and nude on the beaches of Florida, do you ever flash your tits in other public places?
Cameron: So, so fun! I do flash my tits often. A few weeks ago I rode the High Roller which is a huge Ferris-wheel at the Linq hotel. There was a movie being filmed in the pod behind mine and I flashed my tits to them, as well as long enough to get some pictures. Also, having my nipples pierced is a great excuse to show them off. I love showing people my tits.

My favorite fantasy question for all big tit girls, if we met someday would you let me play with your beautiful big boobs?
Cameron: Of course! They are a thing of beauty, everyone should be able to enjoy them!(<<<I NEED to meet this girl!!!)

Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye is a gorgeous girl with such a wonderful attitude and as you can see here, some spectacular bare breasts!

Follow Cameron Skye on Twitter and Watch her on Cam!

Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye may be a celebrity big boob star now all across the world wide web, but after learning more about her, I think this super hot girl is simply just an all American sweetheart. She is so awesome and sexy, the type of girl that would be fun to know and hang out with.

Cameron SkyeWhere is your favorite place to eat?
Cameron: I don’t have just one place, everything depends on my mood. But I love ethnic foods of all kinds: Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Columbian, Hawaiian, you name it. I also just love a great burger. I’m certainly not picky.

Do you prefer a glass of wine or a bottle of beer?
Cameron: I’m a total beer girl…I am part German, you know.

What is your favorite type of music?
Cameron: I love top 40. Some of my favorites to listen to right now are Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, The Script, Daft Punk, and a little Pitbull to dance to.

Do you have any pets? Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?
Cameron: I have a Shiatsu. He’s my little fluffy baby. Before him, I had a cat, so I really love both.

I love seeing two or more busty girls together, is there any girls in the business you would get excited about shooting a video with?
Cameron: Oooh, there are so many I would love to work with! Siri, Sheridan Love, Maggie Green are a few. (an amazing list, would love to see this myself!)

Cameron Skye Cameron Skye

I see you have lots of fun on your Cam Show, how often do you get on cam?
Cameron: I try to cam 3-5 days a week. Usually I’m on Mondays-Thursdays in the evenings and sometimes in the afternoons, and a lot of times I’m on Saturday mornings.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would you choose?
Cameron: Maybe Daniel Tosh. He is hilarious, cute, plus he has that cocky attitude. I’m sure it would be a total crazy adventure to hang out with him.

If you were not in the adult business, what kind of work/career would you like to be in?
Cameron: I’m working on my accounting degree right now. So eventually I’m going to be a CPA…a sexy one.

Cameron Skye

Last question, what vacation destination would you pick, a week at Las Vegas or Disneyland?
Cameron: Since I live in Vegas, I’d totally head to Disneyland, plus it’s close to the beach, which is where I really want to be…topless.

Thank you very much for this awesome interview Cameron, it has been so fun having the chance to learn more about you, I wish you the very best!! XOXO


Since finding Cameron Skye on twitter, I have also learned where we can see more of her on her Cam show, a treat that every boob lover will want to enjoy. Be sure to visit Cameron Skye and tell her Hello for me!!

Also, be sure to keep your eyes open at the beach, now we know Cameron Skye likes to hang out there topless!!

Cameron Skye


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