Interview with Beautiful Brunette Model Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello

I remember very well the first time I saw Brianna Costello in a Scoreland photo shoot. This gorgeous brunette girl blew me away with her sweet smile, big beautiful eyes and amazing huge breasts. Brianna became one of my favorite all time models the moment I first gazed upon her face and so it is my goal to try to find more of her every chance I can. I know of at least a few photo shoots she did with Scoreland but other than that I have not seen much of her on the internet. Whenever I do see Brianna though, it is still just as exciting as the first time, and I  love the whimsical look in her eyes when she gives us the pleasure of seeing her spectacular bare breasts. Just recently I was extremely thrilled to find Brianna Costello on twitter and to my excitement she became a twitter friend and let me follow her. What an awesome treat! Now I find out how really sexy and erotic she is, posting great selfies and pics of herself exposing her wonderful big boobs. I am very happy! So let’s learn more about this beautiful brunette vixen in this exclusive Big Boob World interview.

Brianna Costello

Hello Brianna, thank you very much for taking time to let me interview you. First off I am curious, are you very busy with adult modeling or is it something you do occasionally?
Brianna: I have a busy life caring for myself and for others close to me. Adult modeling gives me a lot of enjoyment, not only for the modeling itself , but also for the opportunity to do good things for others.

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  1. I know I won’t get an answer back but I love your inter view and yo beautiful pictures and your breast your are very sexy

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