Interview with Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick is a gorgeous and sexy goddess who has exposed herself to the world and knocked our socks off with her fantastic sultry looks and beautiful big breasts. I am so excited to learn more about this classy lady who is a new member of the Pinup Files girls, and Lana was very kind to grant me a chance to ask her some questions for an interview to feature here at Big Boob World.

You seem to have come out of nowhere this year and stunned us all, Was Pinup Files your first modeling job?
Lana: Yes and no. I’ve done some photo shoots for friends here and there but this was my first REAL shoot.

Do you enjoy yourself while getting naked in front of the camera and the crew?
Lana: I had a great time! The people I worked with were all amazing!

One of my favorite fantasies is to be a cameraman, is it a lot of hard work posing or a lot of fun?
Lana: Both. It’s a long day and by the end you just want to call it a day but you gotta keep going. We did 5 different sets a day for 2 days. You run out of creative juices after a while but we still managed. The photographer had to run and get me a soda at one point, I felt like a total diva and I don’t want that, but I did need something to wake me up a bit.Lana Kendrick

What photo shoot stands out as your favorite?
Lana: I love the white bikini shoot and I can’t wait to see some of the stuff that isn’t out yet.

You have an amazing slender body with a gorgeous pair of breasts, do you work out to stay that fit or just naturally born that way?
Lana: I used to dance professionally but I haven’t taken any classes in years. I got too self conscious with my boobs. I was going to go to school for dance but that didn’t work out because it was an out of state college and too much money. So to answer your question, haha, no I don’t work out. I try to get some yoga in but I work 6 days a week so it’s hard to make time.

My favorite shoot you did was the Lara Croft set. You have the perfect body for that character. Who came up with the idea and any hints of new photo shoots in the works?
Lana: The photographer came up with that one. I’m looking forward to my Baywatch style bathing suit/car wash set. That should be fun 😉

Pinup Files has a huge list of fantastic girls, have you met any of them and made new friends?
Lana: I met Monica and Leanne. They are both super sweet and I will probably be staying at Leanne’s place when I go up there again in January.

How did you get the opportunity to hook up with Pinup Files and become one of their new amazing models?
Lana: They found me and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Lana Kendrick

Now that you have become a world famous model, have you had many other modeling offers knocking at your door?
Lana: Yes, but nothing substantial. I don’t work for free and unfortunately that’s what most people are looking for.

Are you going to continue posing for Pinup Files and will you work for other websites?
Lana: We are going to start working on my own website soon but just Pinup Files for now.

Have you a special place you like to go to get away for a weekend?
Lana: What weekend? Haha I only have Sundays off and I usually spend them a home cooking or jus relaxing with a good beer.

Any place you would like to visit for a nice vacation?
Lana: I would love to go to Bora Bora or somewhere in Europe just because I’ve never been.

Do you have any secret fantasies you would like to do a photo shoot about maybe in a special place?
Lana: Waterfall? Yeah!

Are you a naughty girl who likes to be wild, or hang at home alone or with a special friend?
Lana: Both.

If you don’t mind me asking, Are you very sexual and love to have sex??
Lana: Um, duh.

What are your plans for the future, staying in the glamour girl type modeling or possibly consider porn style guy/girl or girl/girl action?
Lana: No porn. Nope.

If you were to do a girl/girl glamour shoot, is there someone you want to pose with?Lana Kendrick
Lana: Oh! Alice Goodwin! And Leanne because I love her.

Did you always have an exotic look and sex appeal that drove boys wild growing up, or were you a quiet shy girl?
Lana: Exotic look? Are you talking to me?

Have you had many boyfriends in the past and do you have a boyfriend now? Are you looking?
Lana: I have a boyfriend.

Now that you are a super hot model exposed to the world, do you ever get recognized in public and if so do you enjoy meeting new fans or had any crazy or funny moments in public??
Lana: Nah, I’m not celebrity status. I would love to but this hasn’t happened. I don’t live in CA where I think I would actually be recognized.

I notice on your Twitter page you occasionally post some sexy pics, do you ever flash anyone in public?
Lana: Haha funny story. I was at a soccer game and got wasted and ended up flashing some people. I also did this at the beach once and got a bunch of free drinks/stuff. I’ve tamed out a bit since.

Thank you very much to Lana Kendrick for the awesome interview, and I am looking forward to seeing much more or her in the future!

Lana Kendrick Lana Kendrick Lana Kendrick

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Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick

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