Exciting News!! Rachel and Leanne Together for a Photo Shoot!

The twitter world is a buzz this last couple weeks when the remarkable Leanne Crow flew out to the UK to meet up spectacular and beautiful Rachel Aldana for some fun and adventure together. These two girls are some of the most famous big boob girls on the planet and why they have not been together before is a mystery to me. I am so extremely happy about the prospect of seeing Rachel and Leanne posing and playing in front of the camera, and I can assure you that I will be closely watching and waiting for the release of their pictures and videos. This is going to be an epic event and the sneak peek pics and selfies from these girls on twitter are a big tease of how awesome they look posing next to each other.

Leanne Crow Rachel Aldana

Leanne Crow and Rachel Aldana love to show off for their fans!

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