News Flash – Lyla Ashby Retires From Modeling

Lyla Ashby

This last week I received some very sad news from my special friend Lyla Ashby. For those who have not heard yet, Lyla has decided to retire from being a model and begin a new career with a bookkeeping/payroll company. I say this is sad news, sad for me anyway, because I had really enjoyed being friends with Lyla on twitter and helping her promote her new work and website. She was very kind to me and agreed to do one of my first interviews here at Big Boob World and she was always happy to send me new exclusive photos for my blog.  I will miss seeing her gorgeous figure & pretty face and chatting with her on Twitter.

In just a short time of being a nude glamour model, Lyla Ashby became a very popular girl in the business and did a large amount of photo shoots for many websites around the world. Her sensual eyes,wonderful natural curves and gorgeous big boobs made her a very desirable girl. I am not sure what may have happened, but in reading her tweets over the last few months there seems to be an issue of a dishonest photographer who did her wrong. I hate to hear of things like that happening, but for whatever reason, Lyla must feel it is time to make a change. Here is Lyla’s final tweet below for her fans to read…..

Lyla News

Even though this is the end of her work as a Glamour model, I am also very happy to read that Lyla is very excited to be starting  her new career and I wish for her the very best in the future. Lyla Ashby is a wonderful special lady and I am so thankful for her kindness to me, I will never forget her.

Lyla Ashby

Thank you so much Lyla Ashby for the many glamorous photos of your gorgeous body, Sending my Best Wishes and a big Hug!

News Flash! Lyla Ashby Uncensored Calender Photos

 Lyla Calender Lyla Calender

Exciting news today for all my visitors at Big Boob World! Lyla Ashby has recently released her NEW 2014 CALENDER with a year long look at her gorgeous bare breasts exposed each month. If you are a fan of beautiful women with large boobs, then you will need to get this awesome calender and have the pleasure of seeing Lyla topless and looking sexy for you. This will make a great addition for any boob lover to hang in their bedroom, office, or some other room of the house they might like to be. The pictures you see here are a preview of the front and back cover of Lyla’s 2014 Calender, but for a special treat only at Big Boob World, a never before seen exclusive gallery of Lyla Ashby from inside the calender. Check out the amazing uncensored photos below, but unfortunately since Lyla has retired, the calender is no longer available. Here are all the amazing pics for you to enjoy!

News Flash! Lyla Ashby Has A Brand New Website!

Lyla Ashby

I am very pleased to announce this week that gorgeous glamour model Lyla Ashby has just launched her brand new website! Over the past few weeks on Twitter, Lyla has been busy posting many new sexy photos and giving her fans a sneak peek at what to expect at her new site. Now the day is finally here and I am so happy to be able to have this opportunity present some of her exclusive new pics and get a chance to learn more about her.  Lyla Ashby is such a sweet girl who has mesmerized many new fans with her sensual look and sultry eyes, oh yes, and her amazing beautiful breasts! I wanted to find out more about this big boob dream girl and so Lyla was very kind to take time to allow me to interview her for my Big Boob World readers to enjoy. Be sure to read the entire interview with some exclusive pics……