Interview with the Amazingly Beautiful and Busty Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts

The lovely Jessica Roberts is an amazingly beautiful girl who makes me weak in the knees every time I see her naked. She has a pair of the most gorgeous natural breasts on the planet with a sweet smile and beautiful big dreamy eyes. Jessica truly enjoys having fun and being naked, which makes me very very happy! Following her on twitter is so much fun and I love seeing the cute and sexy selfie pics she posts, especially with her little friend Cody James, who gets to snuggle with her smooth supple breasts. I am very excited to learn a little more about Jessica in this awesome interview she was happy to do. I really love how warm and friendly Jessica Roberts is, the type of girl we all dream about when we close our eyes and sleep each night.

You are such a sweet young lady with a gorgeous figure, what was it that helped you make the decision to become a model/porn star?
Jessica: It all started when I was in the sixth grade, I had big natural C cups.  I was getting ready for bed one night, looking in the Jessica Robertsmirror and playing with my big natural breasts.  I just knew right then and there I belong in the adult industry.

Do you come from a small town or big city and where do you like to call home now?
Jessica: Chicago will always be my home, but the south side is my real home.

Every time I see you in pictures, you have the ability to dazzle my eyes with your spectacular natural breasts. Do you ever flash your beautiful big boobs in public?
Jessica: Growing up as a teenage I would always flash in public.  I would even start the drag races with my friends.

What was your very first modeling job, was as a nude model or for a porn shoot?
Jessica: My first modeling photo shoot was a series of dresses. I was learning how to pose and knowing the lighting.

Is there a photo shoot you have done that was your all time favorite and why?
Jessica: My favorite shoot would have to be working with Score Group last year.  It was my first debut in the adult industry.  I was so proud of myself and very excited to work with them.

Jessica Roberts

I see you have many done photo shoots and videos with other sexy girls, have you become good friends with any of the models you have worked with?
Jessica: I am always friendly to everyone, but I do have one best friend in the industry, Tysen Rich.  We have been doing cam shows together and made videos this summer. We even name our cam show the Biggie & Smalls show.  Our fans loved it!

If you could pick any nude model in the business to get naked with for a photo shoot or video, who would you choose that be?
Jessica: I do have my list of girls, but one number would have to be Siri.

So when you are not working and have time to go have some fun, what is your favorite activity or hobby to do?
Jessica: I love spending time with my family and friends. I love to do outdoor actives and yoga. I love being creative and making new art pieces.

Are you a party girl or someone who enjoys staying around home for a quiet evening?
Jessica: I enjoy watching Netflix and cuddling up with Cody James for the night.

Jessica RobertsSure do love seeing you and Cody James together,LOL. How did you two meet?
Jessica: Back in 2011, I was a week away from getting my wisdom teeth taken out.  I was at work and in so much pain. I kept taking the bear and cuddling up with him.  My boss told me to wrap up the bear in a blanket so it looks like a baby.  Then I was thinking of a name for the bear.  I knew he was my Cody James, who would always keep me safe.  After work I brought him home and he has never left me since then.

If I had the chance to meet you some day, could I be your Cody James for a day and snuggle next to your beautiful breasts?
Jessica: Haha, sure.

Have you ever been recognized in public?
Jessica: No, not yet. If I have, no one has come up to me and said something.

Where would you like to go for an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world?
Jessica: Italy and/or Australia.

Do you like wine or beer?
Jessica: Both

This may seem like a silly question but I am curious, who is your favorite cartoon character?
Jessica: I love Hello Kitty.  I love her since I was a little girl.  I have everything in Hello Kitty.

Who is your favorite movie or TV Actor/Actress?
Jessica: Matt Damon, and Julia Stiles.

What kind of music do you like to listen too?
Jessica: I listen to everything, but my favorite is 90’s music.

Jessica Roberts  Jessica Roberts  Jessica Roberts

You have the face of an Angel, the kind of girl any guy would love to have for a girlfriend, what kind of guy turns you on?
Jessica: Guys who have manners and know how to treat a lady.

Where can we see your cam shows and have you ever thought about starting your own website?
Jessica: I have been camming a lot on Streamate.  I hope in the future to have my own website.

So you are going to be attending CammingFest 2015, have you ever done this before and what kind of convention is this?
Will you be able to expose your tits for  fans who come see you?Jessica Roberts
Jessica: Yes, I will be attending to CammingFest 2015.  I am super excited because this is my first public appearance to ever be announced.  This is the largest adult camming festival, lots of cam model and other adult stars will be there.  Who knows what will happen at CammingFest 2015, but you don’t want to miss this!



Thank you so much for the interview Jessica, you are such a sweetheart and a gorgeous down to earth girl. Be sure to visit Jessica Roberts at her ManyVids profile and her Twitter page and also SnapGirlz to see what sexy & naked fun she has to offer her fans!

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts loves to expose her gorgeous natural breasts!! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Jessica Roberts – Erotic Nude

This last week on twitter, Jessica Roberts posted some extremely erotic nude pictures that made my jaw drop. This lovely lady has a gorgeous natural look about her, the kind of curves and shape that drip with sex appeal. I love the slightly pointy shape of her breast too and how her nipples are perfectly positioned. Really gives me a strong urge to suck on those beautiful boobs. Be sure to follow Jessica Roberts on twitter and tell her how much you enjoy seeing her totally nude so she will continue to post these amazing pictures.

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts love to expose her bare breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy and a Vine clip too!

The Busty Adventures of Cody James

Jessica Roberts

I am so jealous of the cute and cuddly Cody James! If you follow the beautiful Jessica Roberts on twitter you will know what I am talking about. This lucky little guy gets to spend all his time laying next to Jessica and her gorgeous natural big boobs, what a dream come true. Sure wish I could trade places with Cody James just for one day, what an adventure! Follow Jessica and Cody on twitter to see more of their big boob fun.

Jessica Roberts loves to show off her beautiful bare breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Jessica Roberts Is Ready to Protect with Her Big Guns

I am in need of protection  and Jessica Roberts can handle the job easily with her amazing big guns! This sweet babe has a pair of big boobs that will stop any intruder in their tracks when she whips them out. I love seeing her in the white security shirt unbuttoned to reveal her deep cleavage, I could feel very safe and secure holding her close by my side.

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts enjoys show off her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!