Cameron Skye Interview – All American Sweetheart< part 2>

Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye may be a celebrity big boob star now all across the world wide web, but after learning more about her, I think this super hot girl is simply  just an all American sweetheart. She is so awesome and sexy, the type of girl that would be fun to know and hang out with. Last week I featured part 1 of our interview and now it is time to learn more about Cameron in part 2 of this exclusive Big Boob World interview.

Cameron SkyeWhere is your favorite place to eat?
Cameron: I don’t have just one place, everything depends on my mood. But I love ethnic foods of all kinds: Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Columbian, Hawaiian, you name it. I also just love a great burger. I’m certainly not picky.

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Who is Cameron Skye – Interview with a Sensational Scoreland Girl

Cameron Skye

Sure have been noticing a pretty girl popping up a lot on some popular big boob sites recently. This sexy blonde girl is Cameron Skye and her sweet smile and beautiful big boobs have really captured my attention. Who is this sexy lady and where did she come from? Recently I discovered her Twitter page and began following her and have found Cameron to be a great down to earth sweetheart who really enjoys showing off her naked body just like every good girl should.(at least all the girls in my mind..LOL) I am excited to have a chance to learn more about Cameron Skye in this exclusive Big Boob World interview, she is even more awesome than I first realized!!

You seem like a real honest to goodness girl next door type, how do describe yourself?
Cameron: I would describe myself as happy, fun, friendly, athletic, and adventurous. I really am the girl next door, with a naughty, adventurous side.

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More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Cameron Skye – Busty Cowgirl

Cameron Skye is already a very cute girl but when she slips on her western outfit she becomes quite a sweet and sexy cowgirl. Cameron is not a world famous glamour model and so lucky for us she was happy to send some pictures to Scoreland and get herself exposed for all us big boob fans to enjoy. Nothing like a simple country girl willing to show off her bare breasts to bring a big smile to my face.

Cameron Skye

Cameron Skye enjoys showing us her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!