Spectacular Brianna Costello @briannacostello Heats up the Twitter Universe!

Keeping track of the world famous Brianna Costello is a boob lover’s dream come true for me. This wonderful big boob girl is such a joy to behold and watch on twitter and lately she is really starting to heat things up! Brianna loves to show off her sexy carefree nature and much to my extreme pleasure, she also loves to show off her beautiful bare breasts. Recently Brianna spent some time on a boating adventure and manged to excite her many fans with a sweet selfie pic with a great view of her magnificent exposed boobies, (AWESOME!) Be sure to visit Brianna Costello at Twitter and show her lots of love.

Also she spends lots of time in the Las Vegas area at  Sheri’s Ranch Resort and Spa, a great place to meet Brianna and enjoy her one on one. This is got to be my number one destination!!

Brianna Costello loves to show off you huge boobs!

More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Amazing Special Treat! @BriannaCostello in Vegas with Friends!

Wow, what a special surprise I received recently from the fabulous Brianna Costello from when she went to an event in Las Vegas. Brianna really made my year by going to the latest AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and wearing her “Official Member of Big Boob World” tank top while mingling with some of the other big boob celebrities who were there. There is something so very special about Brianna Costello and I have become very fond of her and happy to be her friend on twitter. Someday it is my ultimate dream to meet this super gorgeous big boob celebrity star and give her a big hug and thank her for how much joy and pleasure she gives me. One of the best places to see more of Brianna is at her ClipTeez store and watch her flash a sweet smile as she happily exposes her supple bare breasts and naked body. Be sure to also visit Brianna and her friends on Twitter>> @BriannaCostello  @chelseacharmsx  and @NikkiDelano

Enjoy the beautiful and erotic Brianna Costello at ClipTeez!

Epic Twitter Pic from Miss @briannacostello

WOW! The fantastic Brianna Costello blew me away recently with an epic St. Patrick’s Day pic. She posted a tweet with an amazing picture of herself posing on a bear skin rug and wearing only a small little barely visible green thong. It is so wonderful to see Brianna’s nearly naked body and an eyeful of her gorgeous bare breasts. Brianna Costello has been very busy this last year traveling all over the country and just recently to Europe. Every day I like to check out her tweets to see what place in the world she might be. It is kind of like the the old game “Where’s Waldo?” only Brianna is much more exciting to find.

Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello loves to show off her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Twitter Spotlight Girl @briannacostello – Life of a Big Boob Model

Following my favorite big boob models on Twitter is such a great to connect and learn more about their personal lives. One of my #1 favorite girls to follow is Brianna Costello. This beautiful busty brunette is such an interesting woman with a life full of adventure. It can very hard to keep up with all her activities, and it never ceases to amaze me how busy she is. Brianna must be the life of the party everywhere she goes, or at least I know where ever she is, it would be very hard not to stare at her beautiful sexy body. I love to see what places she will go to next and get a small glimpse into her life as she tweets pictures of herself during her travels and adventures. Sometimes these pics are very erotic and sexy, my favorite kind!!

Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello loves to show off her gorgeous breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

More From the Gorgeous Brianna Costello

My latest new fantasy is to someday meet the gorgeous and sexy Brianna Costello! After meeting her on twitter and getting the opportunity to interview this special lady, I am a big fan of hers now. I love her pretty smile and I get excited every time I see her pictures, she has so much enthusiasm when I look into her eyes.  I plan on seeing much more of Brianna in the future and if all goes well, I hope to have a special treat to feature here at Big Boob World!

Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello loves to show off her beautiful big boobs! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!

Interview with Beautiful Brunette Model Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello

I remember very well the first time I saw Brianna Costello in a Scoreland photo shoot. This gorgeous brunette girl blew me away with her sweet smile, big beautiful eyes and amazing huge breasts. Brianna became one of my favorite all time models the moment I first gazed upon her face and so it is my goal to try to find more of her every chance I can. I know of at least a few photo shoots she did with Scoreland but other than that I have not seen much of her on the internet. Whenever I do see Brianna though, it is still just as exciting as the first time, and I  love the whimsical look in her eyes when she gives us the pleasure of seeing her spectacular bare breasts. Just recently I was extremely thrilled to find Brianna Costello on twitter and to my excitement she became a twitter friend and let me follow her. What an awesome treat! Now I find out how really sexy and erotic she is, posting great selfies and pics of herself exposing her wonderful big boobs. I am very happy! So let’s learn more about this beautiful brunette vixen in this exclusive Big Boob World interview.

Brianna Costello

Hello Brianna, thank you very much for taking time to let me interview you. First off I am curious, are you very busy with adult modeling or is it something you do occasionally?
Brianna: I have a busy life caring for myself and for others close to me. Adult modeling gives me a lot of enjoyment, not only for the modeling itself , but also for the opportunity to do good things for others.

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Brianna Costello – Show Us Your Tits!

Everyone give a shout to Brianna Costello, please show us your tits! I think it must be working cause this gorgeous brunette is pulling her big juicy tits out of her pink shirt! The best part of seeing a hot busty babe is when she first begins to expose her breasts and the nipples pop out. Pure ecstasy to see your first glimpse of a fine pair of titties uncovered. Thanks Brianna for allowing us to see your beautiful big boobs, they are a fine pair indeed.

Brianna Costello

Brianna Costello is happy to expose her bare breasts! More amazing pics for you to enjoy!