Brianna Costello Interview

Brianna Costello

I remember very well the first time I saw Brianna Costello in a Scoreland photo shoot. This gorgeous brunette girl blew me away with her sweet smile, big beautiful eyes and amazing huge breasts. Brianna became one of my favorite all time models the moment I first gazed upon her face and so it is my goal to try to find more of her every chance I can. I know of at least a few photo shoots she did with Scoreland but other than that I have not seen much of her on the internet. Whenever I do see Brianna though, it is still just as exciting as the first time, and I love the whimsical look in her eyes when she gives us the pleasure of seeing her spectacular bare breasts. Just recently I was extremely thrilled to find Brianna Costello on twitter and to my excitement she became a twitter friend and let me follow her. What an awesome treat! Now I find out how really sexy and erotic she is, posting great selfies and pics of herself exposing her wonderful big boobs. I am very happy! So let’s learn more about this beautiful brunette vixen in this exclusive Big Boob World interview.

Brianna Costello

Hello Brianna, thank you very much for taking time to let me interview you. First off I am curious, are you very busy with adult modeling or is it something you do occasionally?
Brianna: I have a busy life caring for myself and for others close to me. Adult modeling gives me a lot of enjoyment, not only for the modeling itself , but also for the opportunity to do good things for others.

When you are posing for the camera, you have a such a playful look in your eyes which is such a turn on, does it give you a big thrill to expose your breasts? Do you enjoy playing with your boobs?
Brianna: What you see is an accurate reflection of what is going on.

You are such a great Score model but I never see you anywhere else, what other projects and modeling jobs have you done?
Brianna: Getting there is half the fun. A little internet sleuthing will reveal the answer.

Brianna Costello Brianna Costello

If you could do a photo shoot with any girl in the world, who would you choose?
Brianna: Chelsea Charms – she has a heart and an intellect as big as her boobs.

Is there an exotic location somewhere in the world that you would love visit for a sexy photo shoot?
Brianna: The island of St Tropez baby!

I notice you seem to travel a lot, do you mostly travel for work or do you have the time and money to go on these many adventures just for fun?
Brianna: I do both.

Where is your most favorite place to visit and do you go there often?
Brianna: A tossup – either London where I’m treated Royally, or a New York City 5 star spa! I like getting 3 hour massages, my boobs take a hour to work on then my neck then my hips. Seriously.

I really love the amazing picture of you topless in a canoe in Vermont, what is the story behind that picture? (Would LOVE to see more of this!!!)
Brianna: Just a snapshot taken by a friend on a nice trip in New England. <<(Lucky friend!!)

Brianna Costello

What is a typical day at Brianna Costello’s house, get up early or sleep in?
Brianna: I’m up early. Lots to do, walk the dog, read the newspaper, yoga, hit the gym, shop for fresh organic food every day.

From what I have read so far on your twitter page you most be a very fun girl to hang out with, do you have a close boyfriend or girlfriend?
Brianna: I have different friends for every aspect of my life.

Brianna CostelloIf I were to meet you someday, would you be willing to let me see your gorgeous bare breasts??(My dream come true fantasy wish)
Brianna: How can you miss them? Catch up with me some day and we’ll see what happens. <<(Sweet, love the sound of that!)

Are you a conservative girl when it comes to your clothes, or do you like to dress sexy with a lot of cleavage?
Brianna: It all depends on where I will be going . . . and who I will be with. Local custom needs to be taken into account. One dresses differently in South Beach than the way one dresses in New Delhi. Comfort, however, trumps everything.

Do you have any hobbies or activities you look forward to when you are not working?
Brianna: I read a lot, I am very physical outdoors , I love to climb other mountains besides my girlfriends who have peaks ! and I am very health conscious. Also I love doing naked hot yoga.

Brianna CostelloSay someone offers you to choose a car to drive for fun, would you pick an old Hot Rod or a new luxury car?
Brianna: For fun it would be hard not the choose a classic Jaguar XKE

So you get the choice of car, now what music would you play as you travel down the road?
Brianna: Indie rock, like Of Monsters and Men, and I love David Gray – best traveling music ever!


I need to see more of you, besides following you on twitter, have you got any other plans in the future I should know about?
Brianna: Nothing specific at the moment but keep looking, you may be surprised soon.

Be sure to visit Brianna Costello at her website and Look for her on Twitter to see what sexy adventures this gorgeous brunette vixen will be up to next!!

Brianna Costello Brianna Costello Brianna Costello

Brianna: ps:
Oh how the summer you love, but now you only dream of Cool breezy days , wet kisses to calm you, and sweet deep infinity cleavage to swim in to, to cool you down from the hot dog days of summer! Awe….

Brianna Costello loves to show off her gorgeous big boobs!

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