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 Website:   Lorna
Twitter:  @Lorna_Morgan
Forum for Big Boob Lovers, Hosted By Lorna:  Boobmad
Lorna Morgan is a gorgeous and super special lady with a warm and friendly smile that warms my heart. I am soo very proud and honored that she sent me my very first Video shout-out to my Big Boob World blog and twitter page.  Even better was that it was a birthday message too. Being an official sexpert at her Boobmad Forum is also quite an honor for me, as it gives me a feeling of being respected in the Big Boob community. Thank-you Lorna for your awesome support!



Website:  Ana
Twitter:  @AnaRica1
Ana Rica has been very good to me over the last year, I love getting exclusive sneak peek photos from her for my Big Boob World fans. After her huge entrance into the Pinup world, she began working very hard at building her own website filling it with hundreds of new sexy big boob pics and video. I have visited her new website many times and am amazed at the erotic and classy style of photos she has been offering to her members. I am so proud and excited to have been given this special Happy Birthday video message from Ana, where we get a fun and unique look at her as she sings this song to show her support for my Big Boob World. Thank you so much Ana, I am sending you many hugs & kisses.







Big Boob World pictures

 Charlee Chase has been an awesome friend to me over the last year. I love chatting with her on twitter and with no reason or asking on my part, Charlee was kind enough to send me a couple fan sign pics. There is something very special for a webmaster to have a beautiful busty pornstar send a fan pic without even being asked. She is a true Big Boob World fan and I love her for it. Just recently she has joined the amazing network of VNA Girls run by Vicky Vette so she is hanging with some fine company!


Boobworld shirt 01    Boobworld shirt 05


Vicky Vette at Home



Big Boob World picture galleries

Vicky is an amazing super babe on twitter and the webmaster for

the world famous VNA Girls.

Vicky was my very first Big Boob World t-shirt model and I love

these special pics from her! Thanks Vicky for all your support! XOXO

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