Big Boob Fantasy Girl

Sexy BabeThis weekend I had the pleasure of making it to a rock concert where I had the time of my life! The band was a huge favorite of young women and being in a college town there were plenty of hot young college babes pushing to be up front along the edge of the stage. I was fortunate to have arrived very early and was able to get a spot front and center.

As the time came for the concert to start, the crowd of mostly hot girls slowly began to inch forward taking up any empty space left around me and I found myself in a sea of hot soft babes pressing against me in anticipation of the show about to begin. These girls were only concerned about getting in a position to see the musicians, with no idea how turned on I was from the feeling of their young female bodies being squeezed & rubbed against me.

hot babeAbout this time is when the real excitement began. The crowd of fans had become so packed that now I was being shoved from behind by what felt to be a pair of squishy double DD boobs that made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. I just had to take a peek behind me to see who the heck was blessed with such an awesome pair of titties. To my surprise there was a beautiful 20’s something college girl with long blonde hair and a pretty face and man did she have a sweet curvy figure, all dressed in a tight button-up blouse and short denim skirt. I could tell she was trying to get a better view of the stage, and when I turned to catch a glimpse of her, she gave me a sweet warm smile that made my body quiver with sexual delight at the thought that this big breasted dream girl had been rubbing up against me.

Time for some Rock & Roll! The band has hit the stage and the party begins! Now the chicks are in a frenzy and the big beautiful boobs behind me are pressed hard into my back as the sexy babe is dancing to the pounding music and my mind is filled with thoughts of lusty adventure. Maybe this busty gal would like to have a better view in front of me. I was hopeful that if she were so willing to press her huge tits up against my backside, maybe just maybe I could trade her a better spot in front of me for a free hands on feel of her juicy big boobies while she stands in front of me. What the hell, it couldn’t hurt to ask, I already was getting the feel of a lifetime and she didn’t seem worried, so I turned around and popped the question.

MyBigExGirlfriend11Damn! She went for it! She flashed a sweet and sexy smile and told me that if I let her be in front I could feel what ever I wanted! Boy oh boy what a day, my dream cum true girl dancing right in front of me and the chance of a lifetime to grab some boob flesh and a hot delicious body! As she slid up into the front of me I began to get big and hard and so to make my fantasy last as long as possible I started to massage her shoulders and back a little while she grooved and moved to the sound of the pounding rock music that was almost controlling her body rhythm and motions. As she seemed to enjoy the massaging touch of my hands I started to slip them around the sides of her hot body and nearer to the curve of her huge breasts. By now I was nearly close to erupting and I tried to control my excitement while my juices were reaching a boiling point. I finally grabbed onto her soft fleshy breasts and squealed quietly to myself as I gently squeezed and kneaded the yummy breast meat filling my hands. It was everything I had hoped for, huge big boobs and a gorgeous babe just letting me play and now she really seemed to be enjoying the fact that I was getting so much pleasure from her massive tits.

Busty girlThe moment of ultimate delight was now upon me as she realized how hard I had become and she reached up behind and unclasped her bra strap and started to remove it from underneath her shirt. I reached my hands back to her side and she lifted her shirt just slightly to allow me access to underneath and her naked breasts were within my grasp. I was now able to feel her large perky nipples standing erect and what a pleasure it was to pinch and tug these wonderful pleasure toys. Then it happened! While in the heat of the moment with the pounding music as an aid, she danced and wiggled right up against my throbbing hard body and as I squeezed and grabbed her big beautiful boobs I exploded in pure ecstasy until I could barely stand. The only thing keeping me from falling was holding onto her swollen breasts and hugging her sexy body as she just stood still for a minute while I finished gaining my composure.

I was in disbelief from the excitement I had just been a part of and the beauty of my dreams turned around and smiled a sly grin and blew me a kiss and we stood there together through the rest of the concert dancing and moving to the music. I imagine there will never be a music concert that will ever match the pleasure of the fantasy I had playing with this big breasted girl there that night!

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4 Replies to “Big Boob Fantasy Girl”

  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!! could only happen to you Eddie,, shit like that never happened to me ha ha,, now im pushing 60 its never likely to either,, nice one you lucky fucker…. by the way whos the chick in the 2nd pic???

    1. Now this is just a story, but I did have an experience at a concert that gave me the idea for the story. LOL You get up near the stage where it is packed with a bunch of hot sexy girls and they are pushing against you to be near the stage, my mind began to wander…..
      Unfortunately I do not know any names of the girls in the pics of the story.

  2. its a great story Eddie,, I haven’t been to a concert since the 70s now but yeh all that pushing and shoving is bound to be good for rubbing up against a chicks boobs… it was the chick in the bottom pic that caught my eye,, wow look at those tits there fucking incredible,, nipples are pushing hard at that top to…

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