Ana Rica Halloween Debut – A Look Back

It is always so exciting to discover a new beautiful girl when she makes her first appearance to the world, and I will never forget the night I first saw Miss Ana Rica. A few years ago I happened to be working late one night on my Big Boob World blog, looking for sexy girls to feature. The night was Halloween and it was getting late and suddenly I had a new e-mail notification from Pinup Files alerting me of new galleries to browse. I was thrilled to find there was a brand new black haired beauty I had never seen before. That amazing girl was Ana Rica, a gorgeous & seductive young lady with amazing large breasts.

Seeing Ana for the first time was a memorable experience that has stuck with me for a long time. Since I had been up late that Halloween night, I believe I was fortunate to be one of the first webmasters in the world to see this spectacular new big boob model. I knew I needed to do a blog feature of Ana Rica as soon as possible and be one of the first to help present her to the world.  What a treat it was to post pictures of Ana’s beautiful bare breasts as she proudly exposed them for the camera, a first time exclusive photo shoot for home of the best big tit models in the world. Of all the pictures in this special Halloween debut gallery of Ana Rica, the photo below is my favorite. Ana looks so beautiful as she looks into the camera with a seductive smile and pulls her orange shirt down to expose her beautiful big boobs, such a sexy lady!!!

 Ana Rica

Ana Rica Loves to show off her gorgeous big boobs!

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