An Intimate Visit with Antonella Kahllo

Antonella Kahllo

I am very pleased, grateful and extremely honored to have the pleasure of visiting with Antonella Kahllo this past week. She is a warm and friendly lady with a big heart, oh and amazing big boobs!! This sweet lady is a pleasure to follow on twitter and she truly enjoys tweeting pics, visiting and showing off her beautiful big boobs during her daily activities. Antonella has just started her new journey as a big boob glamour girl and I am already a huge fan of hers and hope you enjoy learning more about her in this intimate interview here below.

Hello Antonella, You are a stunning woman blessed with a wonderful personality and always seem to have such a positive attitude. Since I have started following you on twitter it is very apparent that you love your fans and enjoy interacting with them. I noticed your twitter profile says “South American Goddess”, so were you born there, and if so, how long did you live there?
Antonella: Yes, I was born and raised in Ecuador. I love my country so much, in fact I just got back from spending a few weeks there recently. It’s so beautiful,

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5 Replies to “An Intimate Visit with Antonella Kahllo”

  1. hahahahaha….LMAO!! I love how boobs was mentioned in the questions 9 times. Like okay we get it already, she’s got melons on her torso, so what. Part 3 is better because we learn about Antonella the person, not just about Antonella, the boob chick. Good stuff!!

  2. Antonella u know I love u,u have the most 100% even size boobs I’v ever seen! Keep up the good work!mwah

  3. Antonella posee unos grandes y voluptuosos senos y un cuerpo celestial, capaz de cautivar y fascinar a un hombre. Por favor, de ser factible, solicito que me permitan llevar un seguimiento a través de ustedes de su actividad fotográfica. Desde ya muchas gracias por su atención dispensada.-

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