An Interview with the Amazing Big Boob Superstar Dolly Fox

Dolly Fox

This year has brought us quite a few new big boob models to admire and one of the most spectacular girls in the group is the amazing Miss Dolly Fox. She is becoming a huge hit on the internet and twitter with many pictures and videos of her huge boobs and super pretty face. I am very pleased that Dolly followed me on twitter and after she made a big move to Spain, she took time to answer some questions I sent to her so we could learn a little bit more about this big tit superstar.

Would love to know, what made you decide to become an adult big boob model?

Dolly: I thought it would be fun to do and it turns out, it is fun to do.

Have you ever been a night club stripper or would you want to be?

Dolly: No, but you never know what the future may bring.

Is being an adult model your full time job or do you have another occupation?

Dolly: Yes, I do this full time now.

What is it like when you go out in public, do you get a lot of attention from people staring at your huge breasts? Do you enjoy the attention?

Dolly: Yes, I get a lot of attention and it’s mostly positive. Anyway, I don’t pay attention to the negative. And yes, I really like the attention.

Dolly Fox   Dolly Fox Dolly Fox

When was the very first time you posed topless?

Dolly: The first time we did a semi-professional shoot was in July 2014 when I still had my 1300cc boobs.

Do you have any other big boob girls you want to meet and have some fun with?

Dolly: That list is very very long. I’m not gonna list them here, but almost all of them.

Have you ever flashed your big boobs in public before??

Dolly: Yes, 2 times at a Steel Panther concert in Belgium and Netherlands.

My favorite question to ask, if I had the chance to meet you in person would you give me a sneak peek at your gorgeous bare breasts?

Dolly Fox

Dolly: For you to find out when we ever meet. 😉

Besides being a sexy big tit star, what do you look forward to doing for fun in your free time?

Dolly: Mostly relaxing. Now in Spain that will be laying in the sun. I love watching a good movie. Going out for a nice dinner and have some fun. Enjoying the simple things in life. And … sex, lots of sex!

Do you have any pets? Dog lover or cat lover?

Dolly: I have both and I’m an animal lover.

What is your favorite movie?

Dolly: Once Upon a Time in the West

Favorite music?

Dolly: Rock / Hard Rock / Melodic Metal have my preference, but I like all kinds of music.

Is there any story or info you would like to tell us about that may surprise us about you??

Dolly: I’m actually very shy, so becoming a big boob model was not the most easy step.

You recently moved to Spain, where did you live before and why did you move to Spain?

Dolly: I was born in Lithuania and lived for 7 years in Belgium. The weather in Spain is much better to do outdoor shoots and also to enjoy Spain in my free time.

What has been your most memorable experience since becoming a big boob model?

Dolly: The Score cover as debut.

Dolly Fox 16  Dolly Fox  Dolly Fox

Have you ever done a photo shoot with any other big tit girls and who would you like to do a photo shoot with in the future?

Dolly: I did 3 g/g scenes so far: Laura Orsolya, Ava Koxxx and Kyra Hot. My favourite legend and idol is Minka and I would love to do a shoot with her. But as said on an earlier question, I would love to shoot with almost all big boob models.

Thank you very much Dolly for taking time to let us learn a little more about you. You are such an amazing and sweet girl and look forward to seeing more of you and your beautiful big boobs in the future.

Everyone be sure to follow Dolly Fox on Twitter and visit her ClipTeez website to see much more of this Big Boob Superstar!!

Dolly Fox

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